Mount Takao – Day Trip From Tokyo With Amazing Autumn Foliage

Mount Takao Cover

Have you heard of Mount Takao? It is outside of Tokyo but is easily accessible via train. Mount Takao boasts a quiet, serene surrounding—a far cry from the hectic city life.

Mount Takao is a day trip option if you want to get out of the city for a bit, and getting there from Shinjuku Station takes about an hour. But the mountain does not just offer the sights and sounds of nature, there are also shopping streets and restaurants located on the mountain itself!

Still not sure whether you should make the commute? Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Make A Day Trip From Tokyo To Mount Takao.


6 Best Day Trips From Tokyo You WIll Regret Not Visiting

Daytrips from Tokyo

Japan is definitely a country you cannot visit just once.

The different prefectures each carry its own individual charm. You can choose to experience how the modern city life is like, or let the old-world architecture of other cities take you back in time.

It is quite impossible to cover every inch of Japan with just one trip, but you can get the most out of your stay by going for short, eye-opening day trips to other towns and cities located within reasonable distances from Tokyo.

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7 Countryside Destinations From Tokyo You Never Knew About

Tokyo Reporter Japan

Contrary to popular belief, Tokyo is not just about the glitzy skyscrapers. There are many tranquil destinations in the countryside that are all easily accessible by train from the city centre, and they are mostly about an hour to two’s journey.

Due to its relative far-flung locations, these places remain largely unknown that even many Japanese natives are unaware of their presence. While Tokyo is an amazing metropolis with endless dining and retail options, travellers in search for an alternative attraction—with the absence of crowds—can consider exploring the options in this guide.

From Noyamakita-Rokudoyama Park, South Inari Shrine to Ishikawa Brewery, here are 7 Countryside Destinations From Tokyo You Never Knew About.