7 Types Of Animal Cafes In Asia To Visit And Take Lots Of Photos

Pets Cafe

Animal cafes have been increasing in numbers, especially throughout Asia, in recent years. There is a huge demand for animal cafes and we suspect that the trend is not dying down anytime soon.

With the hype starting from the cute cat cafes in Japan, there are now many animal cafes all over the continent that encompass a wide variety of animals catering to animal lovers. For the uninitiated, animal cafes now include rabbits, owls and even alpacas!

If you love having a cuppa while cosying up with animals, read on. We have compiled an extensive list of animal cafes in Asia that you should not miss out on!

Seoul Cat Cafe


One of the most common animal cafes not just in Japan, but also in many other cities as well. We are hardly surprised that cat cafes are the most popular cafes around—just watching these cute felines walking around the cafe is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

Singapore’s first cat cafe—Cat Café Neko no Niwa—only adopts homeless and abandoned cats. Ragdoll Cat Cafe is one of the many cat cafes in Osaka, Japan, and their breeds range from Munchkin to Norwegian Forest Cat and much more. If you are heading to South Korea, go to Godabang Cat Cafe in Seoul which keeps both prestigious breeds, as well as adopted strays.

Cats Cafe

Purr Cat Cafe Club in Bangkok, Thailand; Purrfect Cat Cafe in Penang, Malaysia and Cafe & Cats 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan are a few more to name.

True Love Cafe

Photo Credit: Sing Thai Disco


Dog lovers will agree that there are not many animals in the world that are as affectionate as dogs. Imagine going to a place where all the dogs gather and vie excitedly for your attention! Although there are much fewer dog cafes as compared to cat cafes, we managed to source out a few in Asia.

One dog cafe rising in popularity is True Love Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand where you will have fun running around with 17 grown up Siberian huskies and also a cute Shih Tzu. The Dog Cafe in Busan, Korea has both small pooches and larger dogs like Labradors and Golden Retrievers. If you happen to be in New Delhi in India, go to the first dog cafe called Puppychino that has fun games and gluten-free puppy snacks!

Otherwise, consider We are the Furballs in Singapore or Dog Heart from Aquamarine in Tokyo, Japan.

rabbitland cafe hongkong


Nobody can resist petting a cute bunny—not even if you don’t like animals that much. While not all cafes allow visitors to hold or carry the rabbits, it is still a joy feeding them and watching the little furry creatures nibble on their carrots.

Rabbit Cafe

Rabbit cafes are not common and most are found in Japan. One that allows guests to carry the bunnies is Ms. Bunny in Tokyo. Another cafe in Tokyo is Ra.a.g.f, which allows guests to interact with rabbits that are kept in cages, allowing only one bunny out at a time at the play area. While many animal cafes only have finger food and drinks, Ohisama cafe in Tokyo serves up full meals for visitors complete with desserts on their menu.

With Hong Kong opening up their first rabbit cafe just recently, we may see more rabbit cafes opening up in Asia soon.

Hedgehog Cafe


Hedgehogs may not seem like the friendliest animal but despite its prickly image, this animal has its cute side too. For now, there appears to be only one hedgehog cafe and it is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Hedgehog Cafe Tokyo

If you have not seen the softer side of a hedgehog, make a trip to HARRY’S where more than 20 different hedgehog breeds await you. The name of the cafe is a word play as “harinezumi” is a Japanese term for hedgehog.

Watch the hedgehogs scurry around in their glass enclosures or hold onto one of them for a more intimate experience. Be sure to disinfect your hands first!

Oia Cafe


Ever seen an alpaca strutting around you in a cafe? If you haven’t, let us introduce these alpaca cafes in Asia that are gaining popularity throughout the region!

Alpaca View Farm and Cuisine is one such alpaca cafe in Bangkok, Thailand. Not only does the cafe have alpacas, it is also home to some other horses, ducks, bunnies and cats.

Alpacas Papaya River

Oia Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan is also known for having alpacas which come in many different sizes and colours. Look out for Snow, their star alpaca who loves munching on almost anything in the cafe, and it is not just food we are talking about.

Feed the alpacas with food provided by the cafe and it will be a shame not to take plenty of selfies with the adorable alpacas before leaving!

Cafe Baron Barn Owl

Cafe Baron Owl Cafe Tokyo


You might think the Japanese already have it all – fresh, succulent sashimi, picture-perfect sweet crepes, takoyaki and yakitori. But just when you think things cannot get any better, you find Café Baron, a space inhabited by owls. Yes, owls.

You do not need to visit a zoo now to see these intelligent creatures. Café Baron allows you to get up close and personal with the animals, all while you sip a cup of tea or coffee, and dine on some tantalising curries and desserts.

reptile cafe

Photo Credit: japangie


What if you have visited all the cute furry pet cafes and want something more exotic? If you are someone who does not get icky over reptiles or simply want to take up a challenge, drop by these exotic cafes that not many will be willing to step into.

Tokyo Snake Center in Tokyo, Japan has over 35 snakes that come in 20 different breeds. Pick the one you fancy and let it curl around your arms and legs. The cafe also offers snake-themed food and beverages. If you fancy a wider variety, Pet Cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam has more than just snakes, there are also spiders and rodents in glass cages.

Let us add on Reptile cafe in Yokohoma, Japan; Cafe Little Zoo in Chiba, Japan; Café Babo in Saigon, Vietnam and Koopet Reptile Cafe & Pet Store in Seoul, Korea for the brave souls.