Café Baron – Visit This Owl Cafe When You Are In Tokyo

Cafe Baron Owl Cafe Tokyo

You might think the Japanese already have it all – fresh, succulent sashimi, picture-perfect sweet crepes, takoyaki and yakitori. But just when you think things cannot get any better, you find Café Baron, a space inhabited by owls. Yes, owls.

You do not need to visit a zoo now to see these intelligent creatures. Café Baron allows you to get up close and personal with the animals, all while you sip a cup of tea or coffee, and dine on some tantalising curries and desserts.

Cafe Baron Tokyo Owls

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But do be mindful, this is not like the other animal cafes you will find around Japan. Café Baron adopts a ‘hands-off’ policy – guests are not allowed to touch the owls, as it agitates them. You can, however, take pictures of them as long as your turn your flash off.

There are four main resident owls – two Great Greys, an Ural Owl and an adorable Barn owl.

Cafe Baron Barn Owl

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Owls are not the only animals you will get to see at the café; there are lizards too! And no, they are not the conventional house lizards that you will find scurrying around apartment. You can find the Yellow-Headed Water Monitor as well as the Mangrove Monitor hanging out in their respective tanks.

Besides allowing you to cosy up next to an owl, Café Baron is also known for the curries and sweet desserts such as the Hot Apple Tart.

A bonus? The owner also speaks fluent English! Chilling at this quiet little café space sounds like a great idea for a sunny afternoon in Tokyo.

Café Baron
3-10-5 Koenji-Kita
Suginami-ku Tokyo
Daily: 11am – 6pm (Closed on Wed)
Nearest Station: Koenji