Ganso Zushi – This Kaitenzushi In Tokyo Offers Fresh Sushi At Affordable Prices

Ganso Zushi Meguro

There is a common misconception that Tokyo is a pricey destination to visit, what with souvenir shops by the dozens, and tasty food choices no matter where you turn. But saying that Tokyo is expensive need not necessarily be true.

We believe that you can always choose whether or not your trip to the land of sushi, ramen and all things kawaii is going to be painful to the wallet or not. Tokyo has many affordable yet impressive dining options within the city.

Ganso Zushi—a Kaitenzushi chain in Tokyo—is one such place. It is not a name as frequently mentioned when people talk about dining in Tokyo, but it is definitely one which serves fresh sushi at incredibly affordable prices.

The kaitenzushi chain has outlets all over Tokyo, so you will probably stumble across one of their restaurants while you are in the more popular shopping districts around the city. They are relatively easy to locate and can be found in popular shopping districts, so you do not need to go hunting for them.

Prices for their sushi starts from ¥130 (S$1.72) for plates with the more “regular” choices such as salmon and tuna. Subsequently, other plates go at ¥210, ¥262, ¥399 and ¥525. You will find all kinds of sushi in the likes of fatty tuna, sweet prawns, swordfish, and even uni (sea urchin)!

Ganso Zushi Unagi

Photo Credit: bitterbubblegums

The freshness is not compromised despite it being a chain. English menus are provided in the restaurant, so you do not need to worry much about the language barrier.

A tip from the locals for all kaitenzushi chains would be to order straight from the sushi chef. The Japanese rarely ever take plates of sushi off the conveyer belt, simply because they might have been there for a while, and freshness means everything to the locals.

Ganso Zushi Shinjuku
160-0023 Tokyo Nishi-Shinjuku
Shinjuku-ku, 1-15-5
Tel: +81 03-5321-5775
Daily: 11.30am – 11pm