Ice Edge Cafe Kovan – 1-for-1 Lunch And FREE Waffle With Ice Cream

Ice Edge

Located in the heart of Kovan—just a stone’s throw away from Kovan MRT Station—is Ice Edge Cafe.

The cafe-cum-restaurant has been around for a decade and has gained a huge following over the past years with its hearty savouries and stellar sweets. Dishes served here are very affordable and generously portioned; there is even a perpetual one-for-one lunch promotion* on weekdays!

Ice Edge Cafe

You might have heard of their legendary Mao Shan Wang Lava Cake, Waffles and Homemade Brownies, but Ice Edge Cafe is more than that. It offers a menu of wallet-friendly dishes (most mains are priced under S$20). If you haven’t been, you are missing out, dude.

From now until 15 December 2016, quote “ladyironchef” to get a FREE Waffle with a scoop of gelato when you spend S$20 per table. This offer is valid during dinner daily.

Ice Edge Buffalo Wings


Ice Edge Cafe’s Buffalo Wings (S$9.80+) come in a platter of six.

Each deep-fried chicken wing is coated in a hot peppery buffalo sauce that is infused with vinegar and butter, and garnished with herbs and spices. If you can’t handle spices well, steer clear of this.

The Buffalo Wings are part of Ice Edge Cafe’s 1-for-1 menu.


We absolutely love the Calamari with Thai Mayo (S$12.80++) that is on the starters menu. Green salad and Thai mayonnaise dip are served alongside succulent, deep-fried battered squid rings.


If calories matter, then the Japanese Bonito Prawn Salad (S$12.80++) is for you. This is a salad of assorted leafy greens, Japanese seasoning, fresh prawns and crispy wakame. Pretty simple, but no less fresh and healthy.

The Japanese Bonito Prawn Salad is part of Ice Edge Cafe’s 1-for-1 menu.

Ice Edge Seafood Aglio Olio


The Seafood Aglio Olio Spaghetti (S$16.80+) is an Ice Edge classic. Served with clams, juicy prawns and squid, the pasta is served al dente and tossed with chilli padi and garlic. It comes in a very generous portion too!

The Seafood Aglio Olio Spgahetti is part of Ice Edge Cafe’s 1-for-1 menu. Each pasta works out to be just S$8.4+ during lunch!

Ice Edge Tom Yam Seafood Linguine


Tom Yam Seafood Linguine (S$17.80+) is an interesting East-meets-West pasta invention which has successfully incorporated the traditional Thai soup into an Italian classic. The pasta is cooked firm to the bite and enhanced with the garlic’s aroma. It is then complemented with clam, squid and prawn.

And it is very spicy. But that is precisely how we like it to be. Definitely our favourite pasta in the entire menu!

Ice Edge Butter Cream Salmon


Over at Ice Edge Cafe, salmon fillets are cooked to perfection—think crispy skin and runny flesh. The fish flakes easily when pierced through with a fork, and topped with a slap of buttery herbs cream and pink peppercorn. The Butter Cream Salmon (S$19.80+) is also served with grilled asparagus and a house salad.

It honestly looks like nothing, but it is the kind of comfort lunch you’d wish for on a boring workday.

Ice Edge Pesto Chicken


The chef-recommended main course Pesto Cream Chicken (S$17.80+) looked pretty messy but this plate packs a punch. It comprises a juicy chicken thigh pan-fried till golden brown, then topped with fresh pesto, and accompanied with carrots, cream, herbs, potatoes and spices.

The Pesto Cream Chicken is part of Ice Edge Cafe’s 1-for-1 menu. S$8.90 for a main course? Lunch doesn’t get any better than this.

Ice Edge Cordon Bleu


By now, you would have noticed that the menu is comprehensive; from American, Italian to Swiss, you can expect a myriad of cuisines.

Ice Edge Cafe’s take on the Cordon Bleu (S$18.80+) is a beautiful one. Slice into the deep-fried breaded chicken and you will see the intersection of bacon and bursting nacho cheese. This is actually our favourite main, for it was satisfaction in every bite.

Ice Edge Pizza Mentaiko


The Pizza Prawn Mentaiko (S$16.80+) is a work of art and damn, ain’t it photogenic?! The pizza comes with a thin crust. Herbs, prawns and mozzarella cheese are scattered all over the flat dough, before Japanese mayonnaise and mentaiko cream are drizzled in circular motions.

Ice Edge Durian Lava Cake


The divine Mao Shan Wang Lava Cake (S$14.80+) is a must-order when at Ice Edge Cafe. And we’ve heard many stories of how people from all over Singapore travel to Kovan for this legendary dessert. It is safe to say the folks at Ice Edge Cafe pioneered the durian lava cake trend.

The King of Fruits has been integrated into a dense lava cake and warm molten durian will ooze out upon forking it. No efforts have been spared in the making of this signature dessert, and the end result is a robust, divine dessert that bursts with aroma. The lava cake comes with a scoop of gelato of your choice.

Ice Edge Waffle


Super crisp on the outside and featherlight on the inside, the Waffles here are superb. Choose to top your waffle with one, two, three or four gelato scoop(s). Prices are S$10+, S$14.50+, S$19+ and S$23.50+ respectively.

There are many flavours to choose from for your gelato (which is also what Ice Edge Cafe is well-loved for), and unique flavours include Salted Egg, Japanese Yuzu and Cotton Candy.

Ice Edge Brownie


Like the idea of death by chocolate? Well, then you have to get the warm double chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce. This decadent dessert comes with either one or two scoop(s) of gelato; the former is priced at S$9.80+ whilst the latter would set you back S$14.30+.

And it is important to know that Ice Edge Cafe takes pride in their desserts, and this brownie is baked fresh in-house daily.


We can always do with a good cheesecake, yes? There are three flavours of cheesecakes available on a rotational basis, i.e. Blue Berry, New York and Oreo. Each rich cheesecake costs S$6.80+.

Of course, you need to top it off with a scoop or two of gelato.

From now until 15 December 2016, quote “ladyironchef” to get a FREE Waffle with a scoop of gelato (worth S$10+) when you spend S$20 per table. This offer is valid during dinner daily.

*The 1-for-1 Lunch Promotion is available every day on weekdays (excluding eves of and Public Holiday), and it is redeemable from 11.30am to 3pm. The higher-priced item will be charged. 1-for-1 items can be mixed and matched, and no splitting of bills is allowed.

Ice Edge Cafe
2 Kovan Rise
Simon Plaza, #01-10
Singapore 548008
Tel: +65 6858 5729
Daily: 11.30am – 11.30pm
Nearest Station: Kovan

This post is brought to you by Ice Edge Cafe.