Why The Fullerton Hotel Singapore Proved To Be A Top Choice for Wedding Banquets

Fullerton Hotel Wedding

There are so many criteria to picking the right venue. For one, it must be able to accommodate your desired number of guests. Some venues are suitable for a small-scale wedding; some have ballrooms that are so huge they can sit your entire clan.

For most weddings in Singapore, they are held in the ballrooms of hotels. This is mostly to accommodate bigger groups. The ambience of hotel ballrooms plays a big part in creating the mood for such a grand event too.

Fullerton Wedding

We picked The Fullerton Hotel Singapore for many reasons, with the primary reason being its rich history. Being patriotic Singaporeans ourselves, we had wanted something iconic of Singapore to hold our wedding at, and The Fullerton Hotel couldn’t have been a better choice.


Our #BradMelWedding was held on 17 Jun 2016 and 18 Jun 2016 – the first day for solemnization and the second for the banquet.

Wedding at Fullerton

Our package with The Fullerton Hotel Singapore includes the venue for the former and the ballroom for the latter, and a 2-night stay at the Loft Suite.

Fullerton Hotel Suite

Fullerton Hotel Singapore Suite

Fullerton Hotel View

While most may place their emphasis on the venues, we didn’t think the rooms were any less important. In fact, the Loft Suite proved to be the perfect bridal suite for its totality. It boasts a space of two stories, leaving us with ample room to move around – for makeup, photography, and occasional visiting guests.

Fullerton Wedding Hall

We also loved The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s grand ballroom with the elegant flight of stairs, which impacted the overall atmosphere of the march-in.

Fullerton Wedding Stage

But of course, the banquet team deserves a mention for their dedication. All our guests were singing praises of our 5-course lunch and we couldn’t be happier to know that everyone loved the food.

Fullerton Hotel Dessert Table

Fullerton Hotel Singapore Dessert Table.

We had a cocktail reception complete with a dessert table. The pastry team lined up a series of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s signature kuehs, and it was a sight to behold. Our guests were stuffing themselves silly even before the lunch began!

Fullerton Wedding Banquet Menu

Fullerton Wedding Lunch

For our 5-course lunch, we opted for individually plated courses as we wanted something neater. The starter was a Trio Combination of Lobster with Fruits Salad in Thai Style, Roasted Suckling Pig and Pan-fried Scallop stuffed with Shrimp Paste in Spicy Fragrant Salt.

This was followed by the Mini Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, Oven-baked Chilean Sea Bass marinated with Miso, Asapargus and Cherry Tomato; Stewed Pork Rib in Honey and Fermented Bean Sauce; and the Eight Treasures Fried Rice with Foie Gras wrapped in Lotus Leaf.

Fullerton Hotel Wedding Soup

The general favourites were the Mini Budda Jumps Over The Wall and the Chilean Sea Bass. So if you are ever going to hold a wedding banquet in The Fullerton Hotel, you might want to consider including these two dishes in your menu!

Fullerton Hotel Wedding Fish

That feeling you get when your guests were full of praises for the menu you arranged was one so satisfying. It was surely comforting to know that everyone enjoyed the food from the reception!

Fullerton Hotel Singapore Wedding

Wedding March In

Once again, thank you for being part of our Big Day, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore! It was a choice we never regretted.

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