Fresh Fruits Lab’s New Menu – Sous Vide Chicken, Soy Cod & Bak Kwa Pizza + 50% OFF Mains

Fresh Fruits Lab

It is no secret that Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL) is our go-to cafe in the East of Singapore, and since its opening, we have been loyally patronising the cafe for its ever-satisfying menu.

Of course, we love that the place is nicely done up too. If you haven’t been, what you are missing out on is a colourful space that is decorated to look like the coolest laboratory you will ever see.

Fresh Fruits Lab wall

As for the food, they will surprise you in ways you’d never imagine – like burgers with a fruit salad, meats and seafood with fruit innuendos, and cold pressed fruit juices in a plethora of combinations. Well, fresh fruits lab, right? Every component is covered.

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Fresh Fruits Lab has recently introduced a new menu and of course we had to be among the firsts to try! Here are the highlights from Fresh Fruits Lab’s new menu.

Bak Kwa Pizza


For the love of bakkwa! Seriously, this Pork Jerky Fusion Pizza (S$17) is a dream come true for us! Heck, we are so done with pizzas with salami and whatnot! Give us bakkwa! All-time favourite BBQ-ed pork jerky slices sit alongside pineapple and rocket leaves, complete with a balsamic glaze. #PizzaSlay


Sure, mushroom pizzas isn’t uncommon, but FFL’s version is one not to be missed either. It comes with generous slices of marinated beef and lots of sautéed shiitake mushrooms. Complementing flavours and a touch of red wine sauce, the Beefy Shrooms Pizza (S$19) makes a great dinner option.

Pork Schnitzel


Classic deep fried breaded pork loin never goes out of style. Staying true to the cafe’s belief in incorporating fruits into their dishes, the Pork Schnitzel (S$18) at FFL is served with tropical salsa fruit salad and Thai Chilli pomelo sauce. 

Soy Cod


We had a hard time deciding which our favourite(s) are, but everyone at the table unanimously agreed that the Soy Cod (S$39) may be the priciest item on the new menu, but is also the best dish.

Soy-glazed cod is beautifully pan-seared, then served with buttered Chinese greens, scallop Israeli couscous, huge prawns and bonito ake – this is one healthy dish that ladies would love, as with anyone who is after a light meal that is still nothing short of flavourful.

Sous Vide Chicken


We are not fans of chicken breasts for obvious reasons. But the Sous Vide Chicken Breast (S$17) at FFL won our hearts because it is far from dry and hard! If any, its tender white flesh is actually juicy.

Jazzed up with mashed butternut and pistachio crumble and served with sautéed mixed vegetables in raspberry sauce, this is one chicken breast dish that left an impression on us.

Fruits Cup


The Lab Fruits Cup (S$14) is Fresh Fruits Lab’s take on acai bowl. You will find chia seed pudding, granola and lemon ice jelly in raspberry sauce, topped with a generous serving of fruits and honey ricotta cream.

Chilli Crab Pasta


Regulars to Fresh Fruits Lab can still look forward to the iconic dishes.

On weekdays, the menu’s mainstays include all-time favourites such as Da Bomb Burger (S$19), Fish & Chips (S$19), Chilli Soft Shell Crab Pasta (S$19) and Angus Scotch Fillet (S$39). If you haven’t tried, they also have one of the best Fish & Chips (S$19) in town!

The burger is a handsome stack that comprises a 250g beef patty, slices of crispy bacon, egg and melted cheese. Served with a side of fresh fruits salad and fries, no less! Definitely one of the most value-for-money burgers in town.

Big Breakfast


On weekends, FFL is a popular spot for brunch. The cafe sees a full house every Saturday and Sunday, and it is little surprise for the menu is no less reasonably-priced. The dishes are all priced between S$11 to S$17, and it includes the popular brunch fare such as Eggs Benedict (S$13), Bangers And Mash (S$14) and Fruity Berries Pancakes (S$11).

And we need to tell you how we are so addicted to the truffled scrambled eggs that is part of the Messy Breakfast (S$17).

Fresh Fruits Lab Singapore


Above these all, Fresh Fruits Lab is one cafe in Singapore that never rest on their laurels. They are constantly experimenting with new dishes, playing around with fruits and coming up with innovative dishes and desserts, and always surprises us with amazing menus at prices that are comfortable enough for us to return time and again.

The cherry on top? Their dedication to aesthetics. Plating is one the crew take pride in, and we are just glad we always have pretty food to post on Instagram when we dine at Fresh Fruits Lab.


Readers of Ladyironchef will receive 50% off your second main course during dinner on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from now until 28 Feb 2016 when you flash this post or quote “ladyironchef”.

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Fresh Fruits Lab
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Tel: +65 6677 6741
Tue to Thu: 11am – 10pm
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This post is brought to you by Fresh Fruits Lab.