Churro101 – Korean Churros Have Taken Singapore By Storm

Churro 101

Oh how we love the comeback of churros. Churro101 has arrived in Singapore just a couple of weeks back and its reception has been very successful. After an old wave of churros slowly disappeared in Singapore, some smart entrepreneurs decided to rekindle it, and this time, in a Korean style – because anything Korean seems to work, no?

Truth to be told, we are suckers for Korean food and food concepts, so Churro101 was a must-try on our list. They have a big range of different churros, but the ones that appealed to us the most on our first visit were their filled churros and churros coated with dark chocolate.

The churros are deep-fried fresh and served to us a la minute. We picked the Dark Chocolate Churro with Strawberry Crunch (S$5.90). The dark chocolate range is also available in two other coatings – almond and coconut.

Churro 101 Interior

The churro was served warm, and tasted no less exquisite with the dark chocolate surrounding it, melted very delightfully with every bite.

Churro101 also offers other options such as filled churros – think Cream Cheese-Filled Churro (S$4.70), Chocolate-Filled Churro (S$4.50) and even Milk Mustard-Filled Churro (S$4.50).

You can also go with the original taste for the classic Cinnamon Churro (SS$3.50), but can we say that the flavoured ones are more exciting?

As much as we love churros, we have to disagree with Churro101′s tagline of Korean “Better Than Boyfriend” Churros. Food always taste better when you have something to share it with. Make sure to bring along your loved ones here and share the churros (and calories). 

Churro101 first opened in Bugis+ and 313@Somerset is their second outlet. And we are guessing there will be more to come!

Churro101 Singapore
313 Orchard Road
B3-49 313@Somerset
Singapore 238895
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Somerset