What Your Favourite Dessert Says About Your Personality

Paris Patisserie

As the old saying goes, you are indeed what you eat.

Desserts people, if you find yourself often craving for cheesecakes, frozen yoghurt or whatnot, there might actually be a reason behind that particular dessert preference.

From the classic waffle, French macaron to Korean bingsu, we have shortlisted 10 commonly eaten desserts in Singapore for a quick personality analysis. Read on more and find out what your Favourite Dessert Says About Your Personality!

Snowy village injeolmi bingsu


You love the vast variety of bingsu’s topping choices and how each bowl of icy goodness is perfect for sharing. Similarly, you tend to favour the idea of having endless options for life choices but of course – you enjoy sharing whatever you have!

You are most likely a K-pop fan and Seoul is your favourite city. Last but not least, the cold never bothered you anyway.

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Sea Salt Caramel Cheesecake


While a slice of rich cheesecake might put off some for its overwhelming taste, you have grown to love its cheesiness. You are an extremist when it comes to the subject of taste and we are certain that this outlook has extended to your choices in life.

You are stubbornly loyal to what you have set your mind on, which has both its pros and cons.

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Froyo Singapore


You are a trendsetter amongst your friends and the go-to person for lifestyle and fashion advice. You know that the delicious froyo is a less sinful alternative – when compared to other classic heavy desserts – yet does not compromise on its aesthetics and taste.

As with the insane queues for Llao Llao in Singapore, you understand that great things are worth the long wait

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Seriously Ice Cream


You are the enthusiastic social butterfly. You value everyone in your circle, and friends see you as a pillar of support.. You love the concept of being spoilt for choice and ice-cream is your ideal comfort food.

However, your obligation to please all and your fear of missing out are also your greatest weaknesses.

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La Cantina Chocolate Lava Cake


Should you be one of those that enjoy watching generous amounts of chocolate oozing out from the lava cake, you are definitely one that desires exciting discoveries in both life and food.

You understand that chaos is inevitable in life and that at times it could simply be a beautiful mess. You are the crazily spontaneous person that everyone wants to be friends with.

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Lemon Tarts


Some people might find you peculiar, but always remember that your seemingly eccentricity is what makes you unique!

Your preference for sourness also imply your ability to take hardships. Difficulties might startle you initially, but you often successfully turn the table around and use it to further build on your mental strength. You are one tough cookie.

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La Belle Miette Macarons


You are a hopeless romantic that fantasise about tying the knot with a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower, living in a French villa and of course, luxuriating over colourful tasty macarons.

These expensive bite-size delights do reveal your love for the haute couture. You are an epicurean with the pursuit of all things fine in life; people either hate or love you.

BRB pancakes


You have a low tolerance for whimsical and unpractical foods. You believe that something great – like a stack of traditional pancakes – does not need a a flamboyant facade.

You are fuss-free and straightforward; your friends look up to you for being unfazed by other’s opinions. Unsurprisingly, you are often the wise one amongst peers of the same age.

Morton's Souffle


Watching things crumble and fall apart strangely excite you, but that does not mean you are by any means psychotic. You perhaps have a peculiar view on seeking the good in every situation – even bad ones!

You understand that nothing lasts forever and that the happiest occasion might just be yet another fleeting moment. You are practical and yet easily satisfied.

Tuxedo Waffle


You love waffles on their own but have no issues embracing newer inventions too. You understand that sometimes a combination of unexpected ingredient might actually enhance a waffle on a whole new level.

You might be an oldie but you are still very adaptable when thrown into new situations.

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