Han Geun Doo Geun Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant Singapore

Han Geun Doo Geun

If you like Korean BBQ buffet and do not mind paying slightly more, then Han Geun Doo Geun Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant, an under-the-radar outlet at Chinatown Point, is for you. Well, they may not have the cheapest buffet prices (S$26.90++ for lunch, S$36.90++ for dinner) in town, but hold your horses and do not just strike them off your list yet. Let us tell you why.

Not only does Han Geun Doo Geun serve a selection of decent meats, it also has a buffet station with 12 to 14 banchan (side dishes) that you can stuff yourself silly with. AND, ala carte servings of noodles, bibimbap, topokki, and Korean soups and stews.

Korean BBQ

This alone is reason enough for us to come back to Han Geun Doo Geun. Spoilt with so many choices, it is one meal to luxuriate in for a satisfying Korean affair.

Korean BBQ Buffet

In the soup and stew menu, you can find the usual suspects such as Kimchi Jjigae, Sundubu Jjigae and Doenjiang Jjigae, but what surprised us is the inclusion of the pricier Korean dishes like Samgyetang (Korean ginseng chicken soup) and Budae Jeongol. And we had thought they would be diluted, so we were really caught by surprise when we tasted the richness of ginseng!

Well, it might be an expectations thing – on one hand, we know for sure that they won’t serve top-grade ginseng at buffets, so when we found out it actually tastes better than decent, we were pleasantly surprised. Likewise, if you go with very high expectations and set connoisseurs’ benchmarks, then this won’t be for you.

Korean BBQ Meat

The dinner buffet has 11 meat options (pork, chicken and beef) which include Bulgogi, Galbisal, Chadolbagi, Samgyeopsal, and Dwaeji Galbi. All free flow, and all-you-can-eat. It was a whole night of meat fest for us, and it was one dinner that we really enjoyed and look forward to return to.

Lunch: Child S$19.90++, Adult S$26.90++
Dinner: Child S$29.90++, Adult S$36.90++

Han Geun Doo Geun Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant
133 New Bridge Road #02-35 Chinatown Point
Tel: +65 6538 2775
Daily: 11.30am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: Chinatown