Orange Clove Makes You The Hero for Your Corporate Events and Parties

Captain 500 truck

From cocktail reception to Christmas parties, seminar luncheons, weddings and birthday celebrations, buffets and sit down dinners for your corporate events, there are many gatherings every year and what better way to unite people than to feed them well?

However, it can be a challenge trying to put everything together; those who have had to bear the responsibilities of organising an event would know the pain. And the biggest and most common problem is to find the one caterer that is reputable, reliable and has options to satisfy all palates.

Orange Clove Dinner

Options are aplenty, and there are many players in the market. Orange Clove Catering ( is always a top-of-mind name, and having sampled their culinary skills lately, we are even more convinced that they are the ones to turn to when you need a caterer – whatever the occasion may be, they will offer the most ideal solutions and have you earn the title of a heroic host.

Gatsby night


Some time this month, we had the honour to attend Orange Clove’s Great Gatsby appreciation dinner. It was a glitzy night with elaborate set-up that was every bit befitting of the Great Gatsby theme, a night to celebrate another year of success, a night to remember all the happy clients whom Orange Clove had catered to for the past year.

4-course dinner

We were pampered by Sous Chef William and his esteemed team, and dinner was a beautiful 4-course spread which featured Pan-seared Scallop with black olives, tomato tapenade with asparagus, and petite salad drizzled with balsamic; Double Boiled Chicken Consummé with quail egg roulade; Slow Cooked Cod Fish with wild mushroom roulade; and Poached Pear with French Vanilla Ice Cream.

Your every day ingredients were used, but with the team’s creative minds and impressive culinary skills, we were treated to creativity and surprises beyond those seemingly simple dishes.

Now, who said caterers only dish our boring and predictable food?

OC Captain 500


Fancy having a food truck at your event or party? Mark down Captain 500 – a new service that has recently been introduced by Orange Clove. It is essentially a food truck that serves low-calorie food of 500 kcals and below to promote a healthy lifestyle for consumers. All that talk about being a health nut need not be ditched just because you have a party! You can still merry-make with guilt-free indulgences.

Food Truck

Besides, it makes you look so cool to have a food truck, right? As kids, we used to be so excited about Milo trucks. But hey, this is even better! This truck comes with so much food! Definitely Instagram-worthy too, we’d say. Your guests will be very pleased.

Orange Clove Christmas


Christmas won’t be the same without the usual festive goodies like ham, roast turkey and log cake, but the team at Orange Clove has been working hard to come up with new creations including Strawberry Panna Cotta and Sliced Beef in Barbeque Black Pepper Sauce. Tis’ the season to be jolly, and feast!

OC Tea Blend


Orange Clove has also partner Clipper Tea to introduce its exclusive OC Tea Blend – a comforting brew of Ceylon green tea, peppermint, orange peel and marigold flowers.

Orange Clove Chef

Orange Clove Team


Orange Clove caters to all occasions and they are your best catering partner to work with to put up a splendid show for your guests. If you have an upcoming event/party, you can refer to Orange Clove’s website to see the menus for the various events.

Besides offering consistently good food and services, Orange Clove also provides thematic planning. The bankers can entrust their events to the Finance team for they know best what you are looking out for, as with the Property team, as with the Fashion team… you get the idea. Also in alliance is a list of venue partners that they work closely with – like The Arts House, Changi Cove, Goodman Arts Centre and The Star Performing Arts Centre – and this further expands your venue planning options and possibilities.


Poached Pear

No more fretting about your catering issues, just leave everything to Orange Clove and they will make you a hero in your guests’ eyes.

To request for a quote for catering, you can call Orange Clove at +65 6515 0991, email [email protected], go to  and like Orange Clove on Facebook.

This post is brought to you by Orange Clove.