Omotesando Koffee: One of the Best-Kept Secrets in Tokyo

Omotesando Koffee

Housed in a machiya (traditional wooden house) in the Omotesando neighbourhood, Omotesando Koffee is a small and simple space, and it feels as though you are having coffee in a neighbour’s house. It would appear that Omotesando Koffee is just like a normal residence from a first glance, but if you look deeper and step in for a cuppa, you will discover that it is really a space that houses one of the best-kept secrets in Tokyo.

Omotesando Coffee

Omotesando Koffee is one of the most talked-about coffee shops in Tokyo, and after visiting it, we can understand why. It is nothing like your usual coffee shops. It is a tiny spot with a bench in the garden courtyard where you can enjoy your coffee. That is all. But that small compound offers so much wonder, indeed.

Omotesando Koffee Tokyo

Finding Omotesando Koffee can be a challenge, even if you are familiar with the area. From Omotesando’s Station, make your way towards Maisen Tonkatsu (there are plenty of signboards along the way). At the junction before Maisen, turn left. Part of the charm of Omotesando Koffee is the journey to find it. Have fun!/

Omotesando Koffee
4-15-3 Jingumae
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81 03 5413 9422
Daily: 10pm – 7pm
Nearest Station: Omotesando Exit A2/Meiji-Jingumae

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