Ssikkek Korean Grill Novena Ville

Ssikkek Korean BBQ

I’m pretty sure that I’ve eaten enough to keep me going till 2012. But somehow it is impossible for me to say no to Korean BBQ.

Ssikkek Korean Grill at Novena Ville is one of the places on my list of Korean BBQ Buffet in Singapore that I’ve always wanted to try. At just $12+ for lunch, and $22+ for dinner, it is one of the cheapest Korean BBQ Buffets in Singapore.

The diet can wait till I’m done with the buffet!

Korean meat buffet

Like most places, the Korean BBQ Buffet at Ssikkek comes with an assortment of meat and seafood, as well as cooked food like fried rice, soup and banchan (Korean side dishes).

Korean Lettuce Wrap

Nothing about the food is extraordinary. It was decent, but nothing was so exceptional that I’d dream about it at night. That being said, Ssikkek Korean Restaurant offers a value for money buffet, making it an ideal place to go if you are on a budget.

Korean BBQ meat

From what I understand, Ssikkek Korean Grill is the sister restaurant of the popular 2D1N Soju Bang at Tanjong Pagar. Between them, Ssikkek is definitely the better choice since the queue is relatively short.

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Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ
275 Thomson Road
#01-01/02 Novena Ville
Tel: +65 6254 8123
Daily: 11.30am–2.30pm, 5pm–10.30pm

Weekday Lunch $12.00+, Dinner $22.00+
Weekend Lunch $22.00+, Dinner $22.00+

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