10 Places to eat in Seminyak Bali

Seminyak Guide

I’ve been travelling quite a bit during the second half of this year, so I thought I’d share about my trip to Bali before flying off to Paris this weekend.

The first time I went to Bali was many years ago and to be honest, I couldn’t remember much of it. This time round, I did some research online and I managed to try quite a few places when I was there. After three days of nonstop eating, all I can say is Bali has an amazing dining scene. There are so many fantastic restaurants, I can’t wait to go back again next year!

Here is a list of 10 places to eat in Seminyak, Bali.

Travelling is just another excuse for me to eat more.

Best Pork Ribs

Naughty Nuri’s Warung

Warung: a street side food stall or hole-in-the-wall joint in Indonesia.

Naughty Nuri’s Warung is famous for its pork ribs, with many people calling it the place to go for the best pork ribs in Seminyak. Prices are much higher than the usual Warungs, and it caters mainly for tourists as the prices are too expensive for locals.

Besides the famous pork ribs (Rp 85,000/SGD$12), Naughty Nuri’s Warung also has appetisers like nachos, salads, sandwiches; and other BBQ items like Pork Chops (Rp 85,000/SGD$12), and Grilled Chicken (Rp 49.000/SGD$7).

Even though I have not tried all the pork ribs in Bali, this is easily one of the best pork ribs that I’ve tasted in my life.

Jalan Batubelig 41 Kerobokan Kelod
Kuta Bali Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 847 6722
(3 min walk from Grand Balisani Suites)

Warung Wahaha

If you like pork ribs, Warung Wahaha at Jalan Sunset road is definitely another place you should go to.

Jalan Sunset Road
Barat No.1689 Seminyak
Bali, Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 886 9858


Ultimo Italian Restaurant

I like Ultimo. It serves pretty decent Italian food at reasonable prices.

While there are online reviews saying that Ultimo at the popular (read: touristy) Laksmana area is overrated and disappointing, I had a good experience there, and I’d definitely go back again when I revisit Seminyak.

Jalan Laksmana 104 Oberoi
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 738 720

Rumours Restaurant

Rumours restaurant belongs under the same management as Ultimo, and it follows the same formula of serving relatively decent Western food at very affordable prices. A 200g tenderloin is available for Rp 66,000 (SGD$9.5). The prices range from Rp 52,000 (SGD$7/5) for a simple Chicken Schnitzel to Rp 135,000 (SGD$18.7) for Wagyu beef.

Be prepared to wait for a table.

Jalan Laksmana 100 Oberoi
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 738 721


Sardine Restaurant

Another highlight of our trip was the visit to Sardine Restaurant. I’d go so far as to say that it is one of the best restaurants in Seminyak, Bali.

Rice Paddies

Sardine is a terrific restaurant. It serves good food consisting of mainly fish and seafood, and the restaurant comes with an excellent view of rice fields.

Catch of the day

Lunch is slightly more affordable; main courses are around Rp 70,000 (SGD$10!!!). For dinner, the prices range from Rp 65,000 (SGD$9.3) for an appetiser to Rp 140,000 (SGD$20) for a main course.

Definitely a must-visit in Seminyak.

Jalan Petitinget 21 Kerobokan
Bali, Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 843 6111


Metis Restaurant

Metis and Sardine are probably the biggest names in the fine dining end of the restaurant spectrum in Seminyak. Like Sardine, Metis also has an amazing view of rice paddies.

Jalan Petitenget 6 Kerobokan
Bali, Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 847 5481

Made Warung

Made’s Warung

Made’s Warung was highly recommended for local Indonesian food, and while the food was decent and reasonably priced (by Seminyak’s standard), it wasn’t life changing. I can just say that I’ve been to Made’s Warung since it is an institution in Bali, but I definitely don’t need to go back again.

That said, the courtyard restaurant is a nice place to try the local food (prices range from Rp 40,000/$5.8 to Rp 60,000/$8.6).

Jalan Raya Basangkasa
Br. Seminyak
Bali, Indonesia
Tel: + 62 361 732130


Pak Malen Babi Guling

As this was a short trip, I just wanted to bum around, so we didn’t venture out of Seminyak. Since we couldn’t try the best Babi Guling in Ubud, we had to make do with what we could find. I was told Pak Malen is one of the better places serving Babi Guling in Seminyak.

5 Jalan Sunset Road
Seminyak Bali, Indonesia

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta Bali

Ku De Ta on the beach-front of Seminyak is by far the most happening place in the area. When you mention Seminyak, Ku De Ta immediately comes to mind.

They have a different menu for lunch and dinner. Naturally, the lunch menu is slightly more affordable with mains like Beef Sirloin Cheeseburger (Rp 110,000/SGD$16), and Smoked Salmon Risotto (Rp 130,000/SGD$18.7).

For dinner, it has more options: start with an entree like Salmon Carpaccio (Rp 150,000/SGD$21); have a Roasted Pork Loin (Rp 290,000/SGD$41.8) or Roasted Veal Fillet (Rp 330,000/SGD$47.6); and end off the meal with a Creme Brulee (Rp 110,000/SGD$16).


I’ve received so many emails asking me about the pancakes on my blog’s masthead last month. So there you have it, the Ricotta Hotcakes (Rp 70,000/SGD$10) and Eggs Benedict (Rp 75,000/SGD$10.8) from Ku De Ta Bali.

It was a great experience and I remember thinking that I was glad that we went there. Without a doubt, Ku De Ta is the must-go place in Bali.

Jalan Laksmana 9
Bali Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 736 969

Warung Italia Bali

Warung Italia

And lastly, we have Warung Italia.

The restaurant is another place to have cheap and decent Italian food. Pastas are as cheap as Rp 30,000 (SGD$4.3) and you can get a pizza for Rp 45,000 (SGD$6.5).

While the food is nothing special, it is a good place to have a meal if you are on a budget.

Jalan Kunti road
No. 2 Seminyak
Bali Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 737 437


What are your must-eats in Seminyak Bali? With so many cheap flights to Bali from Singapore, there’s really no excuse for not going on a weekend getaway. Get a nice Villa in Bali and have a good time with your loved ones!