Qun Zhong Eating House Steamed Pork Dumplings

Pan Fried Dumplings

When it comes to the best Xiao Long Bao in Singapore, most people will usually think of Din Tai Fung, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, or Nan Xiang Xiao long bao restaurant. Along the sleepy Neil Road at the intersection of Chinatown & Maxwell Food Market, there’s a very popular place that serves good xiao long bao? Try to search for Neil Road, and Google will actually prompt “Neil Road Xiao Long Bao”, or “Neil Road Qun Zhong”.

The Lonely Planet Guide refers to Qun Zhong Eating House as the #433 out of 625 Things to do in Singapore. Are the Steamed Pork Dumplings there really so good?

If you are a superficial or lazy person like me, chances are, you’d have walked past Qun Zhong Eating House a dozen times without noticing it. The place doesn’t look very impressive from the outside, and there’s always a long queue during peak hours.

Before coming here, I heard about the reputation of the ‘service’, or rather the lack of service. Stepping inside, most of the staff were rather grumpy and appeared to be in a hurry. We were actually quite afraid to ask them for water. Okay to be fair, it wasn’t that bad. I asked for water nicely, and they gave it to us without much trouble.

Qun Zhong Best Xiao Long Bao Singapore

The Xiao Long Baos from Qun Zhong Eating House were much bigger than any of the dumplings that I had before. And it was for a very good reason. They held a lot of soup within the seemingly-thick folds of the steamed pork dumpling ($7 for 7). It literally gushed out when I took a nibble of the xiao long bao.

Is this the best Xiao Long Bao in Singapore? I can’t answer that, but if you like a meaty and thick steamed pork dumpling, with lots of soup, Qun Zhong’s Xiao long bao is definitely the one for you. We also had the Pan Fried Dumplings ($8 for 10), and together with the 7 xiao long bao, and a bowl of zha jiang mian – it was really a lot of food for the two of us.

Zha Jiang Mian

Other than the Zha Jiang Mian (noodle with minced pork & soya bean paste), Qun Zhong Eating House also serves a variety of Beijing cuisine and food like the Chinese Pizza, Steamed vegetarian dumplings and Hot & Sour noodle.

If you still have room in the stomach after eating the xiao long bao, Dim Joy is just across the street. For desserts, there’s Flor Patisserie, Once Upon A Milkshake and Patisserie Glace nearby.

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Qun Zhong Eating House
21 Neil Road Singapore
Tel: +65 6221 3060