Jipaban Online Shopping Mall Singapore

Jipaban Shopping Mall Singapore

“How much do you spend on food each month?”

I get this question all the time but the truth is, the amount that I spend on shopping each month is more than what I spend on food! Besides physical retail stores, there is also online shopping, and I’m sure you have heard of Jipaban.com through the various social media platforms.

In case you have not, Jipaban.com is an online shopping mall in Singapore that offers both retailers and shoppers a novelty experience with integrated social networking elements. There’s a common misconception that shopping is only for girls. This is wrong, because when guys shop – we can really spend a lot. While the majority of the online shops still cater for female, there are also some avenues for guys to do their shopping online!

Ugly Dolls Card

Ugly dolls is really fun!

Remember that I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’m addicted to board games cafe? One of the games that we played that night was Ugly Dolls. It’s a rather silly, and “violent” game. Basically turn over cards until you spot three different ugly, snatch as many cards as possible and the one who claims the most cards win the game! Both monoxious and dweam were convinced that I wouldn’t win as they have longer nails than me. But guess what? I won the first game! Hoho

Playing silly games with your good friends are really fun, but going to board games cafe can be quite expensive (we spent $20 per pax that night). So I have been searching online for Ugly Dolls and it’s going for $24.90 at one of the board games cafe website.

Jipaban Bogas Shop

And then, I chanced upon Bogas on Jiapaban, and you know what’s the best part? They are selling the Ugly Dolls Card game for only $16!! Okay to be fair, I checked out the price of another board game “Tickets to ride“. While it’s retailing for $89.90 on the website of another board game cafe, it’s only going for $71.73 on Bogas.

I-want-to-buy-a-board-game-now! At this rate that I’m going, I have a feeling that board games are going to be an expensive hobby!

Jipaban Welovecd Shop

It’s very convenient to download and buy music online nowadays, but personally, if it’s a singer that I really like – I’d definitely buy the hard copy of the latest album. I was having a romantic dinner a couple of weeks back when Oliva Ong’s smoothing music was played in the background.

Sometimes after all the good food I’ve had, I like to sit back and enjoy a quiet night with a cocktail and a great company. A jazz bar would be a good choice but it would be good if I can bring that atmosphere back home! And to my delight, I found this shop called WeLoveCD on Jipaban. It would be lovely to be home, pour myself a drink and have Oliva Ong’s hits playing in the background.

Jipaban Search by Categories

Do you know: Jipaban has recently launched their new interface with additional cool functions? By having new tabs like “Browse by Category” and “What’s New”, the new Jipaban interface aims to provide a better shopping experience for everyone.

Jipaban What's New Function

The “What’s New” page reminds me of the twitter time-line where you get to see the latest developments in Jipaban, as well as any new updates by the Jipaban Shops.

Jipaban Facebook

Okay, here’s the scary part for guys: Jipaban actually has Facebook Integration! Your girlfriend will be able to update her facebook page with stuff that she likes on Jipaban. This is the second worst nightmare after online shops started to exist. No, this is worst because all the popular blog shops in Singapore have their own malls in Jipaban, so in a way, it’s like a mega catalog of online shops — all housed under one roof.

The guys behind the online shopping mall are really evil, they have integrated Paypal into the system so shoppers can be assured that all transactions are secure. Everything can be done in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Click on the PayPal/ Credit Card check out button to pay for your items.

Step 2: Login to PayPal using your PayPal ID and password, or enter your card details via the ‘continue checkout’ option if you do not have a PayPal account.

Step 3: Review and confirm your order.

I don’t know about you dude, but I fear for my wallet if my partner starts to surf Jipaban. Well, for all the girls who like to buy from online shops, it’s time to rejoice as shopping is made easier with Jipaban!

So what are you waiting for? Drop by Jipaban.com – the one stop online shopping mall in Singapore now!