Greenwood Fish Market: Best Fish & Chips in Singapore

Best Fish & Chips Singapore

Three years ago, I somehow chanced upon the stretch of restaurants at Greenwood Avenue.

In the dimly-lit restaurant, and in the company of a group of good friends; that dinner easily became one of the best meals in my life. Needless to say, the fish and chips I had at Greenwood Fish Market that night, was one of the best that I had in Singapore.

Greenwood Fish Market is definitely the place to go if you are a fish/seafood lover. With more than 20 variety of fishes to choose from, everyone will be able to find a fish that suits their palate. Terakihi? Hapuku? Yes they actually serve them in the restaurant.

We had the House Fish & Chips ($18.95) which came with a healthy dose of salad and chips. Time seemed to freeze as I leaned forward to examine the fish and chips. It looked vaguely similar to the one in my memory, and for a second or two, I was hesitating if I should eat the fish and chips.

I had the best fish and chips in Singapore at Greenwood Fish Market, and I wanted to keep that precious memory.

What if it isn’t as good as before? What if my impression of Greenwood Fish Market goes downhill from here? So many what ifs. Shit. At that moment in time, I found myself questioning if it was a right thing to revisit the restaurant. Maybe I should justĀ  stick with the other dish and let my friend have the fish and chips. But deep down inside, a part of me wanted to try the fish. I wanted to experience that magical moment again.

The fish and chips was great, but it wasn’t as wow, or out-of-the-world like what I remembered it to be. It is still probably one of the better fish and chips in Singapore. Perhaps, some things in life will just never be the same anymore.

Spaghetti Soft Shell Crab

It’s only after looking at my old post, then I realized that we actually ordered the same items as the previous visit. Call it a coincidence, maybe. But I certainly didn’t remember that the Spaghetti Soft Shell Crab ($20.95) tasted so good before. It was completely different from the one that I’ve at Cedele restaurant recently.

The sauce was fainter, and very un-tomato-ish (if there’s even such a word). It was tangy, and it was slightly sweet — it tasted (almost) like a real crab sauce.

Greenwood Fish Market

If you are a big fan of oysters, go to Greenwood Fish Market every Tuesday night – it’s a dollar for each oyster. We were there on a weekday night, and the restaurant was almost packed, so please remember to make your reservations.

Greenwood Fish Market
34 Greenwood Avenue Hillcrest Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6467 4950
Nearest Station: Botanic Gardens