My dear,

Today marks the second year that we have known each other. Two years, twenty four months, seven-hundred & thirty days, it has been a long journey. Many people always mistake you as a lady because of the name ladyironchef, and they are not completely wrong. You are my lady, the other half of me.

We started off causally and it was not even meant to be serious until I realised your importance. A part of you, a part of me, are everything that make us. My life is never the same after you entered into my heart. You brought along photography and writing; a beautiful accident which I’m grateful for.

To those trolls who does not, and will not understand the effort, time and commitment we put into this, I forgive you. I’m glad to have the readers of this blog as our supporters, who have stood behind and always encourage us.

You kept me alive, during the darkest moments in my life.

You are my oxygen tank, I cannot imagine life without you.

You are my happy pill, the thought of you cheers me up.

You know I love you, xoxo, ladyironchef

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Your beloved,

LIC Food Event @ Dallas

It has been a while since my last outing at Persimmon, and I have got many enquiries on the next food outing. We are doing the food event at Dallas this time round. My apologies for the short notice, but it will be held on the 28th March, Saturday 12noon for lunch. And as always, I prefer to have tasting portions so that we can try a variety of food.

Dallas Restaurant & Bar
31 Boat Quay
Tel: 6532 2131

You can read my review on Dallas here, and see here people who is coming for the event!


Coffee Bean & Tea leaf: Grandma’s carrot cake

Ah ma! Ah ma! I want another slice of that. The brownish-orange cake with the smooth cream frosting on top. What is that name again? Yes, carrot cake. Another slice please, before kor-kor comes back from school. Time passed, and ages caught up with us eventually. Ah ma is no longer as young as she was before. And the energy, effort put into making the kuehs, also diminished with every passing day.


Tonkichi: Confession of a non-Jap food lover

Confession of a non-Japanese food lover. Right, I admit. I’m not the biggest fan of Jap food, while others rave about the freshness of the sashimi, I stared at them and wondered why they like to eat raw seafood. When others sipped and finished their bowl of ramen, I’m quietly thinking of my wanton mee. But, I can’t stop myself eating Tonkatsu, whenever I enter a Japanese restaurant.


Chocolate Research Facility: The Choc Tickets

I, Willy Wonky, have decided to allow three children, to visit my Research facility this year. These lucky three will be allowed to see all the secrets and the magic of my facility. Then at the end of the tour, as a special present, one of them will be given enough chocolates and sweets to last him/her for the rest of the life! So watch out for the Choc Tickets!


Bakerzin III: Macarons & friends

Three. It is the natural number following two, and preceding four. It also represents the three of us, the memories; of the fun, joy and laughter that we shared throughout the years. No, although we didn’t meet frequently, but somehow our conservation always continue smoothly from the previous meeting which was a few months ago, as though we just met yesterday.


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