LIC Food Event @ Dallas

It has been a while since my last outing at Persimmon, and I have got many enquiries on the next food outing. We are doing the food event at Dallas this time round. My apologies for the short notice, but it will be held on the 28th March, Saturday 12noon for lunch. And as always, I prefer to have tasting portions so that we can try a variety of food.

Dallas Restaurant & Bar
31 Boat Quay
Tel: 6532 2131

You can read my review on Dallas here, and see here people who is coming for the event!

The Tapas Menu

- Baby Back Pork Ribs served in Fiery, Alabama & Smoked Hickory BBQ

- Salt & Pepper Calamari

- Tempura Barramundi with Thai Herbs & Naan Jim

- Corn & Crab Fritters with Chili Glaze

- Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas

- Shredded Pork Tacos

- Beef Fajitas with Guacamole & Sour Cream

- Dallas Wings with a ranch dipping sauce

- Breaded mushrooms with cheese and Garlic Mayonnaise

1. ladyironchef
2. Zaylene
3. Evan
4. Arlyna
5. Pamie
6. Siyi
7. Mike
8. Shumei
9. Regina
10. Jasmin
11. Wenjing
12. Debbie (6)
18. Taryn (2)
20. Mike.e (3)
23. Elaine (2)
25. Tim (4)
29. Fen (2)
31. Fatpig (4)
35. Camemberu
36. Weili
37. Sinny
38. Maureen (2)
40. Julia
41. Sok Peng (2)

The multi course set lunch, for just LIC readers, is $23 nett! To avoid missing out again, drop me a sms at 9623 2581 to confirm your place or should you have any enquiries. All are welcome, and feel free to bring along your friends too!

And oh yes people, I just realise it will be ladyironchef 2nd anniversary on the same day too! So lets come down and celebrate : )