Rollin Farm (Ruo Yin Nong Chang) Taichung

Ruo Ying Farm

Minsu, also known as homestay, is a popular type of accommodation in Taiwan. It is a localised lodging, and often come in different themes. Rollin Farm (Ruo Yin Nong Chang) is a place that you can consider when visiting Taichung. It is a peaceful and serene spot to get away from the city for a quiet retreat.

The Minsu is not only well-furnished — our room feels like a five-star hotel — but they also come with a stunning view overlooking the mountains. If you have no plans for an overnight stay, a day trip to this scenic part of Taichung is almost as wondrous.

Roll in Farm

Rollin Farm Room

Bath tub with view

Just to make it clear, though – Rollin Farm is not a place for everyone. There are plenty of insects crawling around, it is relatively more expensive than your typical hotels, the location is very inaccessible, and there is nothing to do there. However, if you are able to get beyond that, you will discover that it is a beautiful paradise. I absolutely love it there, it is my sanctuary away from the world, a place where I can disconnect, read a book, take a nap, watch the world go by, and reflect on life.

Ruo Yin Nong Chang

Taichung Mountains

Roll in Farm Taichung

If you are visiting Taichung, I would definitely recommend to make the journey to Rollin Farm and stay there for a night or two. Rollin Farm is not a posh mountain resort, it is a homestay which aims to give something different and encourage people to appreciate nature. Getting to the Rollin Farm from Taichung city takes slightly under two hours by car, but when you arrive, you will discover that it is worth the journey.

Rollin Farm Ruo Yin Nuo Chang
No 1 XueShan Road
Heping District, Taichung City
Tel: 04 2597 1218
Note: This was an invited media stay.

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I have visited rollin upon the posting on LIC previously in Oct 2013

Not that great to be honest, the cleaniness of this place leaves alot to be desired as the sheets were not up to par and the toilet is pretty much segregated by a thin sheet of plastic. The room decors are actually nicer in photos than it actually is.

Food on the other hand is passable with complimentary breakfast and dinner, but the rooms are mediocre at best, probably to a 3 star hotel standard.

View wise, its not too bad especially during the sunrise and sunset, but I reckon you would be short changed if you make the trip up, because you would miss out on Alisan, sun moon lake, snow mountain etc.
So, not the best location,

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