The Coastal Settlement Singapore

The Coastal Settlement

Many of my friends are big fans of The Coastal Settlement (TCS). Some of them like it because of the lovely atmosphere, while others love it because it is a hidden gem in the east of Singapore.

I went there during a weekend, and it was indeed the perfect kind of place to go to unwind with friends.

The Coastal Settlement is huge – in fact, much bigger than I thought – and easily accommodates three hundred people.

This is a destination to dine in comfort and to simply forget about everything – Sentimental oldies loop softly in the background, crystal chandeliers hang from the low ceiling and cast warm light against the wooden furniture, scents of fresh roast and bakes fill the air…

There is this rustic charm that makes it all too possible to just sit here the entire day. And did I tell you about the array of displays within the restaurant too? Think drum sets, vespas and ice kachang machines.

Coastal Settlement Interior

Coastal Settlement


TCS Al Fresco


The brunch menu is available on weekends and public holidays from 11am to 4pm. Apart from the popular brunch food like big breakfast ($24), steak and eggs ($36), and eggs benedict ($17), there are also main courses like roasted chicken with truffle fries ($25), truffle mushroom fettuccine ($21), nasi lemak ($16), and cheese burger ($26).


We shared a few items, and while they were decent, they were not fantastic. And given that The Coastal Settlement is a casual dining restaurant, we felt that the prices were rather steep.

Furthermore, the inaccessible location of the restaurant might put off people who do not drive.

That said, The Coastal Settlement is definitely worth visiting at least once. If I was staying in the east, this would be a frequent haunt. Otherwise, I’d probably drop by to have drinks and desserts for a great bonding experience.

TCS Singapore

The Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road
(Near Changi Village)
Tel: +65 6475 0200
Tue to Sun: 10.30am – 9.45pm
Nearest Station: Pasir Ris


Overpriced for the terrible service and average food. Went on Vesak Day with the family of 10. They didn’t accept reservations so we arrived at 1030am when they just opened but were told that the big tables were reserved by people who came by earlier to reserve the table. Throughout our meal, the tables were mostly left empt y while my family was split into two tables. 3 people ordered the Settlement’s Breakfast. One came on time. One had to be reminded while the rest of us were halfway through our meal and the last came only when everyone else had finished the food. They served my sister her pasta and she tucked into it, only to be told later that they served her the child’s portion instead. My tuna tortilla did NOT taste fresh. It is hard to mess up tuna but I honestly found it so hard to swallow it down. There were two and I forced myself to finish one. I was thinking of packing up the 2nd one but I knew that I would not eat it even if I brought it home. Never again. So over-rated.

Terrible service. Arrived at 11 for brunch on a Friday and food took over an hour to be served. Its one thing to charge a premium but at least have the decency to treat your customers with respect.

I will not recommend visiting this place. Ever.

I chanced upon this place when my bf drove me there for tea break. I fell in love with the ambience and nostalgic atmosphere immediately. Loved the place the the retro music they were playing. Indeed a great place to relax and chill-out and a good dating place too :) Also recommended for those who enjoy al fresco dining.

My Blog Review of The Coastal Settlement

Not only overpriced, but also very bad service. Food quality was below average. Dishes for my wife and myself came 15 minutes after each other. Should remove all references to this place to avoid that others make the same bad experience. Should visit the toilette too. Better bring your own toilet paper and a towel to dry your hands. Absolutely unacceptable.

By Georg Krause as a warning to all readers not to visit this place.

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