Hill Top Japanese Restaurant Singapore

Hill Top

Note: Hilltop Japanese restaurant has stopped its operation.

Hill Top Japanese Restaurant has been around for many years and it has always been known as one of the famous teppanyaki restaurants in Singapore.

Stepping inside the restaurant, located on a hill above Jurong Birdpark, we were surprised by the crowd for such an inaccessible place. It was a Friday night, and the humble, dimly-lit restaurant was full. The crowd was a good mix of couples and families – we see how much Singaporeans love teppanyaki.

We were seated at a corner station, where we had an unobstructed view of the chef working his skills and sizzling all the fresh food right before the patrons.

California Maki

The ala carte menu was a rather simple and straight – forward ones, and I must say that the prices shocked us a little. The restaurant does not have any set menus, unlike a typical teppanyaki restaurant. For ala carte portions, prices range from $18 for pork loin/chicken, to $30 for a black pepper steak.

NZ Steak

We ordered Hill Top NZ Steak ($30), Kurobuta Pork Belly ($23), Beancurd ($4) and California Maki ($8) to share. The food was prepared and served with high standard; they were not downright fantastic, but tantalizing enough to make the meal a happy one.

Complimentary desserts such as Mango Pudding, Sago Honeydew and Almond Beancurd will ensure that you end on a sweet note.

Hill Top Japanese Restaurant
2 Jurong Hill
Jurong Bird Park
Tel: +65 6266 3522
Daily: 11.30am – 11.30pm

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you ate the wrong things! what’s excellent at hilltop is their seafood. amazing grilled tiger prawns, scallops, salmon (order the salmon special with egg – best salmon i’ve had in my life), and the chicken is incredibly tender as well. i find their beef and pork belly so-so in comparison to everything else.

Does anyone know where is the new location for Jurong Hilltop Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant? Why did they move away. I was really sad when I went there last week and found the place empty. Can we have the restaurant back there please…

Couldn’t find this restaurant in jurong Hilltop anymore..does anyone know the new location? or it has closed?

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