Colgate SlimSoft Toothbrush + Party Invitation

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People are often only aware of and receptive towards reality when bad things happen. And this can be taken in control by implementing preventive measures for the many aspects in our lives. Taking good care of our teeth is one – everyone should inculcate good oral hygiene in our daily habits before cavities and unhealthy gums say hello.

Since my recent visit to the dentist, it struck me that I ought to take better care of my teeth – especially when I love sweet stuff so very much. And this is apart from all the other crazy food I eat everyday.

After discovering how using a softer toothbrush is vital, I’ve been religiously using the new Colgate SlimSoft which, boasts extra soft bristles. Of course, it is impossible to see an immediate improvement in the teeth condition, but after switching to the Colgate SlimSoft, my gums feel less sore, and they don’t bleed as often as before.

Also, the good people at Colgate-Palmolive are throwing a party for my readers on 30th June, read on to find out how you can join us!

So what’s great about the new Colgate SlimSoft?

New Colgate SlimSoft

I love the Colgate SlimSoft because the toothbrush is very soft, and it comes with super slim tip bristles, which can reach more teeth surface.

Moreover, the handle is also very well designed. Just like how I always advise people to choose a Dslr by the camera grip, it is the same for toothbrush. The simple and ergonomic design of the Colgate SlimSoft makes it very comfortable to hold.

If you are looking to get a new toothbrush (everyone should change once every three months), why don’t you try Colgate SlimSoft? Right now, they are having a limited promotion at $2.45 (usual price $3.30), and you can get them at all leading supermarkets.

Here is some information which I’ve obtained from Colgate about the new SlimSoft toothbrush:

Key Features

/ Bristle: 0.01mm Super Slim Tip bristles
/ Handle: Simple & Ergonomic design
/ Head: Slim Width, Dense Bristle Field, Flat-trim

Product benefits

/ The bristles are so fine that the brush contain more bristles & touch more teeth surface.
/ Significantly higher reach than ordinary brushes: 6 times higher Sub Gingival Access to reach below the gum line and remove more sub-gingival plaque.
/ 1.5 times higher Inter-proximal Access for effective cleaning between the anterior and posterior teeth.

And here’s the exciting part that everyone has been waiting for. The folks from Colgate-Palmolive are throwing a party, and ten lucky readers will get to join me at The Arts House, Living Room on 30th June (3-5.30pm).

To join me at this awesome party, SIGN UP HERE. Hope to see you guys there!

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