E&O Search for AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef

AFC Celebrity ChefPhoto credit: Asian Food Channel

I have a unique relationship with food. Before I started my food blog, I wasn’t really interested in food. You could say that I belonged in the “eat-to-live” camp. But in the past four years, I’ve gained and experienced so much because of my love for food. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if I could ever be a chef one day. You know, a blogger-turned-chef sounds pretty cool!

That said, I know I could never be a chef. I don’t mind cooking occasionally, but I doubt I can ever spend the rest of my life in the kitchen. That explains why I always have high regard and respect for chefs who are so passionate about food, who always put in so much effort into whipping up a meal for us.

Let’s just face it: I’m more talented at eating than cooking. And if you are like me, then the AFC original production: E&O Search for AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef is for you!

For the first time in Asia, the Asian Food Channel and Eastern & Oriental Berhad are conducting a region-wide search to crown Asia’s very own home-grown talent through their first-ever reality series – E&O Search for AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef.

It is heartening to know that Asian Food Channel is taking on the responsibility of grooming talented potentials from around Asia. It sends out a message that no matter where you are from, you have a shot at being a celebrity chef for AFC so long you have the talent. I have often believed that Asia is full of untapped culinary talent and it will be really exciting to see all the talents that will be discovered through the programme.

AFC Celebrity Chef  FilmingPhoto credit: Asian Food Channel

Most chefs slogged away in the kitchen for years without being recognised. That’s why E&O Search for AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef is the perfect springboard for aspiring, talented individuals to become a celebrity chef, and it’s the first pan regional reality cooking show to be filmed in Asia.

I can’t even imagine what kind of opportunities would be presented to you if you held the prestigious title of AFC Celebrity Chef.

e-o-hotelPhoto credit: E&O Hotel

Although there are many cooking reality television shows, E&O Search for AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef is quite unlike any other show!

Instead of being filmed in a studio, this show was filmed at the E&O’s luxurious properties! How often do you see such a gorgeous venue as a backdrop? The contestants also stayed at the beautiful E&O Hotel in Penang. How awesome is that?!

A Reality TV series filmed in a hotel. Wow. This is as real as it gets. And not to forget, all the fame and glory that is at stake to be the first AFC’s Celebrity Chef? That makes it even more dramatic.

AFC filmingPhoto credit: Asian Food channel

Auditions were held in Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, and judging from the footage, the response was incredible. Thousands of contestants came together from all over Asia showcase their talent and the love for food.

With the existence of so many food bloggers who can actually hold their own in the kitchen, I can’t help but wonder how well they would do if they had taken part in the E&O Search for AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef.

But cooking competition is not just about talent. It is also about having the ability to cope with stress and deliver under pressure, especially so when the judging panel includes celebrity chefs and famous personalities like Bruce Lim, Anna Olson and Michael Saxon. Contestants have to prove they have what it takes to be a celebrity chef. I can’t wait to find out who will win the title!

There are also two upcoming online contests that you should know about:

#1 watch ‘E&O search for AFC’s next Celebrity Chef’ – answer a short question & stand a chance to win an iPod Shuffle weekly.

#2 guess who will emerge as AFC’s next Celebrity Chef and stand a chance to win an iPad2. More details coming soon on Asian Food Channel’s website.

For more updates on E&O Search for AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef, you can visit Asian Food Channel’s website, facebook, and twitter. Catch the dazzling world premiere on 9th Nov 2011 Wednesday 10pm!


Why does Chef Bruce Lim imitate international Chef Ramsy’s style by throwing the dish on the floor. Create your own identity, don’t be a copycat…its really lame and disgusting to see someone imitate a super chef like Ramsy. So please have some dignity Bruce…

I totally agree with Jack. It just gets on my nerves, only watched the first episode and I already want to throw a dish to him… I gave him a chance with his Tablescapes series in which all he cooked looked grey and being a wanna-be-Ramsey judge in a great concept series only made it worse. Be strict and serious as chef Wan if you may, but yes, with dignity…not eating any of Bruce Lim’s dishes any time soon.

Totally agree about Bruce. I think him trying to imitate Chef Ramsay is EMBARRASSING.

As it is, as respected and esteemed as Chef Ramsay is, I personally do not think his outbursts and cursing and swearing are warranted or necessary most of the time, Michelin stars or not. And then to have Bruce, no real credit compared to Ramsay, act like a total right arse is the most annoying thing I’ve seen so far on AFC.

The guy doesn’t even know what Beurre Noisette is, as shown on the first episode of AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef. A contestant described the veggies on his dish as ‘cooked in Beurre noisette, aka hazelnut butter’. Bruce ate the veggies and promptly said ‘I don’t taste ANY hazelnut in this at all’.


Beurre noisette is aka hazelnut butter because of the colour, not actual hazelnut flavor.

To not know your food terminology is unforgivable and a big disgrace.

Sorry for the insanely long rant, but I just had to put it out there.

I was so shocked when I saw Bruce throwing a dish on the floor, twice!!! Food that can be eaten shouldn’t be thrown like this, it’s so sinful. Shame on you, Bruce, have some respect for the contestant, will you?

Totally agree with all comments that chef Bruce is trying to imitate ram say. No originality. We are Asians Bruce! It’s not in our culture to be openly rude and disrespectful to another. We have more class than that!

bra bro bra broo,,what a thug! even Gordon Ramsay hate to be call BRO by his cook! Come on bruce, you try to copycat Gordon, which in the end, just put you to the shame…gordon can act like that and people still respect him, why?? because he already prove it with his 13 michelin star and many top rated tv show!!!and dont forget, Gordon Ramsay fierce temper may be effect from his hard childhood, violent and alcoholic father! what a fake!act too much!! it is sick in my stomach watching “the boss”, the way u talk, act, and cook,,,just f off! learn to be a respected chef like heston and daniel boloud! they are real legend without acting snob like U!!!

Hi there.

My girlfriend and I watched E&O search for AFC’s next celebrity chef episode 2 together. We were both attracted to the restaurant where episode 2 was filmed.

My girlfriend’s birthday is coming soon and i am planning to bring her to the restaurant for dinner to surprise her.

I’ve tried searching online to find out which restaurnt it’s filmed in but i couldn’t find it.

I saw on AFC’s website that they filmed at E&O hotel at penang. But which restaurant in the hotel is it?

Anyone here have a clue and willing to share it with me?


Thanks to all of you. I thought I was the only one seeing this Bruce trying to over act. Now he’s got a new gig, the shouting gig just like Chef Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen. This No.1 outta is really getting on my nerves, he’s mothering the life out of me. Can someone please throw him a freakin’ bone. I dono why people praise this puffer fish so much…His new show the Boss..just another washed up garbage program under the bridge. I give that program a foot in the Gaand gaand.(Hindi):-))

Thanks to all of you. I thought I was the only one seeing this Bruce trying to over act. Now he’s got a new gig, the shouting gig just like Chef Ramsey in Hell’s Kitchen. This No.1 outta is really getting on my nerves, he’s smothering the life out of me. Can someone please throw him a freakin’ bone. I dono why people praise this puffer fish so much…His new show the Boss..just another washed up garbage program under the bridge. I give that program a foot in the Gaand gaand.(Hindi):-))

Well guys as you know this kind of shows are all recorded way before and not surprising the winner is already known, or even pre-determined even before the 1st episode even starts. All these contests are just to hype it up and dramatised to bring in the dough. So I guess we may have to see the lard if you still follow the show. I watched The Lard’s show once and I think his cooking is just like everybody else’s. Never again I watched his show.

The show should be renamed “E&O’s search for Bruce Lim’s next bitch”.

I believe this is a contest to find creativity and star personality among a group of hopeful contestants. And yet, this big bully of a ‘judge’ constantly dominates over them, turning this search for talent into no more than a bootcamp for contestants desperate enough to put up with his pissy antics. A little contrary no? Lose the ego “bro”.

PS, watch his show “The Boss” and notice how his assistant “monkey” looks so totally repressed and sullen. Probably got raped prison-style by The Boss one time too many.

Quoted from Christian’s facebook page: “I am a firm believer that you cannot please everyone and if you are busy trying to you may lose your soul. I am all for negative comments and constructive criticism as it makes us stronger. I personally try to avoid the practice of criticism and steer towards constructive encouragement.

I don’t believe that bullying, yelling, swearing, throwing plates on the floor, complaining that sashimi is raw, complaining spring dishes are like summer dishes and trying to be Gordon Ramsay would make people better.

We work hard, put our heads down and put out our very best dishes under the circumstances and for that, I commend and applaud each and everyone of my fellow contestants. The circumstances were rough and for sure sometimes our dishes may not have translated but bare in mind, some dishes rocked this planet.

It was an honour to cook alongside you all.”

We are with you Christian! So happy that someone stood up that worthless excuse for a Chef!

Please please someone, anyone replace Bruce Lim, he’s terrible. Have you seen the “Boss”? I couldn’t even get through one episode without wanting to throw something at the tv. What are his credentials anyway?

First of all i would like to say…PLS bruce, have some self respect and also pls respect the contestants. You are a lousy chef, you are arrogant and you have no merit. Your own show is crap, your food and cooking skill is so bad its a big joke. You are unpleasant to look at and pls lose some weight. Am sure you are a nicer person in real life but your insecurities sure show through the cracks. Ugh so ugly.

So you don’t deserve to put on a show and treat other ppl like how you were treated as a commis or whatever. No one respects you. In fact…you’re laughed at. Its embarrassing to see you on the AFC channel and for E&O…you guys have made a huge mistake taking him on as a judge. Awful. You bring down the image of all the other judges….. esp saxon….who is already weak.

Learn some respect and and gain some merit to be able to judge. For now…you just hit it lucky. And you bully your own philipino contestants. Its just down right ugly.

Wow my goodness. Just watched last night’s episode of the challenge where they were supposed to do a cooking segment in front of the camera. My goodness shame on you Bruce! You act like a child and bring disgrace to the E&O show. 90% of the time you are negative and when you try to give criticisms, its never constructive…rather its personally meant to bring down the contestants. That is lousy leadership.

Honestly, grow up and you should be taken off any television. Just downright awful to watch you.


I have caught up with the reality series and I too hated the sight of Bruce lim. I personally think he can’t cook for nuts and fail to delivery the class of any celebrity chefs. Definitely won’t be trying any of his cooking!

bruce behaves like a bully that is VERY insecure with himself. I will not watch any show he is on. His behaviour is disrespectful to others and himself. The constant negativity and childish outbursts are boriing. I have NO respect for anything he says or does. I’m using my remote to vote. No thank you to bratty behaviour. CLICK! channel changed!

I have written to AFC and complained about Bruce Lim’s obviously fake behavior and pandering to the camera, desperately hoping to be taken seriously like his idol, Gordon Ramsay.

All of you should e-mail Asian Food Channel and complain about him as well. I want him removed from the channel.

Bruce is soooo trying to be Ramsay.. Ramsay have a real temper, Bruce is just doing it deliberately for tv ratings..So lame and disgusting.. Bruce, you may be trained by Ramsay, but you can never be Ramsay..Be yourself dude..BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Please remove chef bruce from the E&O’s search and remove all his programs from AFC or any TV channel!!! I watch this programme and feel like throwing a rotten egg on his face!!! i dont even like all the other shows he is in on AFC. Please producers…. remove him! i cant even watch the advert where he says this is AFC. I just hate him. he is too rude and a chef gordon ramsey wannabe! Gordon ramsey… even though you look rude, ppl still accept it coz u r honest, but chef bruce… u r just plain rude and too personal. get a life!!!

Lim is a pure and simple fat filipino bully. The guy is on a total power trip and its just embarassing to watch that AFC show anymore. How can the producers let him carry on with all the swearing, plate & table throwing?? Gordon Ramsey is the king of that and he can get away with it due to the fact that he can carry it off without degrading people. The guy is supposed to be helping the chefs learn not constantly knocking them down, is it any wonder that the 5 chefs left are all pretty average at best, i can never see any of them becoming a “celebrity chef” and maybe Lim is embarassed by the fact considering he is Asian too. He is an embarassment to Asian culture and if i was a chef on that programme i would have punched his lights out as soon as he opened his big fat mouth.

I am sorry but I have to agree with the DISGUST these people are feeling, take this from a FILIPINO himself!

At first when I heard about Bruce Lim, I felt proud because at least, a FILIPINO chef is making his way internationally known. But I was DISGUSTED on how he acts in his shows NEXT CELEBRITY CHEF and THE BOSS…

Man, who are you to ACT like that?! Throwing PLATES all the time?? Even the great GORDON RAMSAY does not do that TOO OFTEN. I have been watching Hells Kitchen for years now, and I can only count the times he throws food, he breaks PLATES sometimes, but HELLS KITCHEN is HIS restaurant anyways! AND, given the CALIBER of Gordon Ramsay, he can act arrogant all he want because he already PROVED something.

I have no problem with people being arrogant as long as they have something to BRAG about, but I cannot stand people like YOU who acts so arrogant yet has nothing to BRAG about. Who are YOU to throw plates at aspiring chefs ALL THE time? Shame on you! Do that after you acquired 5 Michelin Star restaurants and we can SHUT UP.

You are the most arrogant FILIPINO chef I have ever known! I hope all FILIPINO chefs are like Boy Logro or Gene Gonzales, they have proven themselves yet doesn’t have the ARROGANCE you have.

In behalf of millions of Filipinos, SHAME ON YOU!

Rather than inspire me to cook better, fatso..oops sorry, Bruce has created a mockery of chefs & the AFC channel. Can someone at AFC stand up & say that Bruce was encouraged to be an arse just for ratings. If not, please give Bruce a kick on his ample behind out of the show & any other programs. You will be thanked for it. Do what’s right.

I feel pity for the contestants. I saw he throw the dishes on the floor in front of the contestants, I got really angry, he doesnt know how to respect the contestant. Now there is a new show, the boss. I hope this is the last show of him. I hate u Bruce, u asshole. I will throw ur dish when i see u.

Bruce lim is just pure bully. Chef wan is so much more experience than you and he still respect the contestants. Calling yourself “The Boss” like seriously?! You are embarrassing the whole Philippine community..oh and you actually name your poor assistant “Monkey”. Dude, seriously?

I was utterly astonished by Chef Bruce Lim’s ugly, offensive attitude on Master Chef. The way he tossed food around and talked down to contestants without providing any constructive feedback or advice is downright disrespectful. It’s one thing to be harsh and stern to instill discipline and positive values, but what Bruce Lim’s behaviour is something else altogether. The cherry on the cake is his show The Boss, which I stumbled on for the first time yesterday. The blatant arrogance he displays, calling upon his assistant “monkey” (to which his assistant consistently replies in a sullen tone “yes Boss”) to carry out meager tasks such as stirring flour into a cake mix is completely demeaning. I would like to know what sort of message the AFC is trying to promote in airing such productions on TV. I am really disgusted, to say the least.

I am surprised that so many people share my sentiments about Bruce Lim. I just watched AFC’s Next Celeb Chef (Yes, a bit late, I know) but I was so shocked at Bruce Lim for throwing that plate like it’s a plate of crap! But even MORE shocking was the fact that he was chosen to be a judge on the show. AFC, have you ACTUALLY seen his cooking show, The Boss?? His fake arrogance and cockiness on the show can’t even mask his poor cooking skills. And I’m sorry, but his food recipes are just – for lack of a better word – blegh. Please replace him with a better chef who holds merit and has class. Not some clown who doesn’t walk the walk or talk the talk. It makes the show very unbearable to watch!

Bruce is just so horrible to watch. This pinoy is so arrogant. I don’t know why he is picked as judge. This guy count as experience working in Jollibeen. And so many pinoy contestants 1/3 made the cut out of 16. I smell something fishy. We all want him out. His program Boss is pathetic. I couldn’t bear even 5 minutes of tthis stupid grinning ‘chef’ so proud that he’s made a burger. What self-respecting chef would be?

First time watching AFC’s next celeb chef. I was taken aback by this bald fat chef all agitated and swearing without any reason. Then came his show The Boss where he calls his underling “monkey”, to be fair that’s his nickname, but I don’t know, maybe because he’s so disrespectful that it just came off wrong, like the guy is his pet monkey. This person needs to be taken off the air.

This baldy fat arse is certainly overrated. Forever trying so hard to imitate the negro by his st*p*d hand moves. Already he looked *gly and with the pussy hair by his chin, it makes him look worse! Lousy cooking! Lousy knife skills! Always self prasing! The Boss? my foot!

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