Singapore Airlines Flight from Singapore to Shanghai

Singapore to Shanghai

I have been traveling a lot recently, and it gives me a new perspective about everything.

Each time I visit a new airport, I can’t help but to compare it with Singapore Changi Airport. The outcome is always the same — very few airports in the world can match Singapore Changi Airport in terms of efficiency and facilities. I think many of us always take things for granted; we complain about this, and grumble about that. But we are very fortunate to be living in one of the finest cities in the world.

“Can you take a photo of the in-flight food?”

A friend asked as he has never taken Singapore Airlines (SIA) before. Now, I may have taken photos of food at random places before, but to use my bulky dslr on a plane? No way! Fellow passengers would probably think that I’m crazy, and maybe the cabin crew might just throw me off the plane!

But speaking of airplane food, they have been improving over the years; not just in variety but also in terms of taste and appearance. This is hardly surprising since Singapore Airlines has an International Culinary Panel (ICP) to advise and create the in-flight food menu. The panel includes celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Sam Leong, and Matthew Moran.

If you are looking for the cheapest flight from Singapore to Shanghai — I’m sorry, but you are looking at the wrong page. This may sound bias since I’m a Singaporean, but Singapore Airlines is definitely one of the best in the world.

People always ask what’s the big deal about Singapore Airlines, and I used to question that too. It’s only after I took other airlines then I realized the little things that made a huge difference. KrisWorld, the in-flight entertainment system is definitely a  life savior (especially for long haul flights) with an impressive list of the latest blockbuster movies.

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// This is not an advertorial and no payment was received. I’m just sharing about my recent experience on the Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Shanghai.


I believe Shanghai has two airports but I’ve only been to Shanghai Pu Dong airport. It obviously doesn’t match up with Changi but Shanghai is developing and I would imagine that a future trip may yield a different opinion.

i do remember flying to japan and they served supper,which was a choice of sandwiches. They were absolutely fantastic. Nicely toasted and yum!

If my comment made it on time…remember to try shanghai’s Eight Treasure Rice (red bean paste fillings)if you can, they are eye popping good! :)

You are absolutely right – SIA is pretty exceptional.

I get better treatment on SIA coach class than I do as a Platinum Air France business class flyer.

I’ve been taking the more expensive Etihad most of the time. Hence, I didn’t expect that Singapore Airlines is more impressive. And yes, Changi Airport is so efficient. The first time that I got my luggages in 5 minutes – that was a no wait. :)

Frankly Speaking. I do agree that SQ has the best food and entertainment system. I travel business class for work and do get upgraded to first class sometimes. For leisure travel, economy is good enough for short flights for me. So I can say I have tried all class of food.
Whatever class you are in, they are all reheated food. Presentations matter and how they present the food makes it more appetizing. The better the “class” the more choices you can have in terms of menu. End of day, SQ wins in food cos they bother to present food nicely though you and I know the taste is still crappy.

But watch it SIA, if you continue to hire people who cannot speak properly while making announcement (Foreign talent), and forget to give the Singapore Girl smile that was prevalent in the 80s,90s. You ranking will drop. I have already voted SQ second after BA for service.

Having traveled to many different airports of the world – from the huge Heathrow to the rickety Santorini – I concur with you that Changi is easily the best, with HKIA coming a close second.

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