300th & a new addition

I just realised ladyironchef has reached a new milestone of 300th posts. While the mark may be little compared to some other bloggers, but personally i thought it was some kind of a feat, since i wasn’t even intending to do a food blog when i just started. And its never easy to maintain a food blog, besides eating all over Singapore, you need to snap photos of the shot (much to annoyance of my friends), edit them, and spend hours doing the write-up.

I think the reason i’m able to continue up till now, mainly is the support that i got from you guys, people whom i know enjoys reading my blog, and appreciate the effort. Therefore, i’ll like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who reads LIC. Readership here has been slowly increasing, and it has also just broken the 300,000 visits within a span of just 6 months since i shifted my site to this new domain.

It’ll be impossible to do all these without one very important character, and that is my DSLR, Nikon D40. Like i mentioned previously, i’ve gotten the Nikon 50mm lens, but i sold it off after a week as i regretted not getting the macro lens instead. I’m pleased to announce that from now onwards, all my foodgraphy will be taken with my new partner, Nikon 60mm micro f2.8!! I got it a few weeks ago for $745. The shots i took so far are all excellent, like what you seen for the Obolo desserts. More photos taken by the micro lens will come soon, but i’ll need to clear some old posts taken with the kit lens first.

Thank you for reading ladyironchef, and i hope you will continue to enjoy reading it. There’s a food outing coming up on dec 6, so if you haven’t signed up yet, do let me know asap. And there will be a new column, LIC bakery, I finally started learning how to bake! Will post the photos soon : )



300,000 visits in 6 mths? me been blogging for how many donkey years and havent even reach that no. yet!

congrats, and here’s wishing u ????! haha.

hfb: thanks, you too! :)

Evan: i also dunno why cannot read chinese. haha. no la not a lot, there are others with much more. you can see the figures ma, when u click on my main page, there’s a thing call food escapade by the right. it shows the figure for total visits

Now you make me depressed :(

I am no where near your 30k visits, wat’s more in 6 mths :)

Keep it up, will still support your web.

fen: thats because you start blogging late ma. i’ll proudly tell anyone who ask me about desserts, to look at your blog, because it cover the most variety and has the most comprehensive write-up : )

And eh its not 30k, its 300k. lol! thanks for the support!

didally: thanks! that’s because you always never blog! you should update more often seriously, your pictures are so beautiful and i love the stuff you make.

vicki: hahaha thanks! orders flooding in eh?

layla: thanks (:

Oops, 30000 is already so scary… My bad, 300k… GEEZ!!! That is a huge load of supporters…

Thank you for the compliment but I always feel inferior when I meet up with food bloggers like you and professional bakers like Evan, Sihan and Vicki… I am truly no where near…

hey! you finally got your macro!! good for you! :D

haha… yup i added another lens to my collection. the 28-105mm f3.5-4.5 nikkor. also cannot autofocus on D40, but it has a macro switch from the 50-105mm range. you can see some pics that i took here: http://flickr.com/photos/wentongg/

i got this lens cos i needed a zoom for my film SLR, and the macro switch is really just the icing on the cake.. haha…

and yup the food shots were all taken with the 50mm f1.8! (:

fen: i think its just a few people everyday coming to LIC and refresh the page a lot of times. haha. no la, this type of thing where got inferior one. if really want to say inferior, den i will feel inferior when we eating desserts, my knowledge and experience of the desserts and ingredients not as wide as you all : )

wentong: yeah i got it two three weeks ago but didn’t post it yet. haha. good to have another new lens, like you say, lens can never be enough just like shoes (for ladies that is) haha. yeah saw yr photos, the 50mm is coming very well, excellent buy.

Neh, it is just that I eat alot so easier to compare but talking about ingredients and background knowledge I am just an amature. Wait till you hear Vicki, Sihan and Evan communicating in dessert language. I can never understand the bulk of it

fen: lol! all of you speaks dessert language, only i talk human language. hahahaha

eatshopbemerry: thanks : ))

camemberu: hahaha thanks. but you definitely got more traffic than me, at least i visit your site all the time! lol! when are you going to take the plunge and get a new lens? :p

Hey carolyn: hahahahha i got it last year in Nov, 745 was the price back then. Now i believe the very same lens cost $950 because of the rise in Yen!

But what do u mostly shoot with yr D90? for yr blog shop? for portrait shots, maybe u can consider the 85mm f1.8, it’s about 600+! hehe : )

hey babe,
Yeah.. for my blogshop.. but i like to take food stuffs as a hobby as well! hehe..
Oh, no wonder, cos i asked around and it cost $960 for f2.8 60mm.
Oh, din know there’s a 85mm f1.8.. but it’s not a micro lens? Would u consider a Tamron lens?
Am considering that as well cos it’s cheaper!
heh..thanks :)

Carolyn: HAHAHAHAH even though my blog is ladyironchef, but I’m not a lady! : D my name is brad. don’t worry yeah, most people thought that I’m a lady from the nick too. haha!

yeah it’s about 950-960 for the macro lens, the 85mm is not micro, it’s a prime lens for taking portrait shots. 3rd party stuff are ok and cheaper, but personally i prefer getting the original nikon ones : )

hey brad. ;) Oops.. mistaken you as a lady!
Nice to know more camera stuffs and enjoy viewing pics from ur food blog.
thanks for your info!
Shall consider the 85mm lens that u recommend!! :)

Nah no worries carolyn, lots of people mistaken me for a lady too. lol! otherwise just get the 50mm f1.8, its only 190 bucks, can’t go wrong with it! : )

i saw your blogshop photos, u model for all of yr clothes? den who take the photos for u? hee

Hi.. those are my models :)
I’m the one who’s taking the pics! I love taking pics and i’m also a food lover just like u! Hee..
Yeah.. 50mm f1.8 is cheaper. But it can’t take pics like those of a micro lens like 60mm f2.8. Argh. hard to decide! :)

Carolyn: hahahaha i see. awesome! which lens are u using now? well it really depends on what u need for the new len, if you are gonna use it for yr blog shop, i say go for the 85mm f1.8 (600+), if it’s for food then 60mm is obviously the best (but most expensive) option. the 85mm is definitely out for taking food. And if you have no budget for now, just get the 50mm f1.8, it’s not for taking food, but for the price and everything else, it’s a steal at $190 : )

ahaha.. seems like only the 60mm is the perfect choice for taking food! :) shall consider thoroughly again.
You’ve really enlightened me quite abit! :)
Thanks so much brad!

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