8 Ways To Have An Epic Solo Trip #YOLO

Positano Beach

So you have decided to embark on your solo trip and it can be pretty nerve wrecking if this is your first time. Even for seasoned solo travelers, there is no guarantee that they will not meet with challenges along the way.

An issue that is prominent but not talked about often is the loneliness one feels when traveling alone. Oh, you will be surprised how lonely people actually feel at times on their solo trip behind all those glamorous Instagram pictures you see on their feed.

Still, this should not stop you from going after your dream to see the world. Whether you are reading this as a form of preparation before you go for your trip or are currently traveling, here are 8 Ways To Have Fun On A Solo Trip. READ ON

5 Reasons Why It Is Perfectly Fine To Dine Alone

Dining Alone

I’ll be honest. When Ladyironchef first asked if I could do this article, I was a little stumped. I thought to myself: Do people need to know that it is really okay to eat alone? But then I recalled the first time I had to have dinner by myself – yeah, I did feel a little (okay, very) self-conscious. I’ve grown quite a bit since then, so let me give you 5 reasons why it is perfectly fine to dine alone.