9 Old Trades In Singapore That Are Surprisingly Still Around Today

Old Trades Singapore

It is truly amazing how our country made it to what it is today. From a third-world country to this bustling metropolis we call home, the journey certainly hadn’t been easy but here we are many decades later—still a little red dot but making an impact on the world.

We really have our forefathers to thank for everything we have today; they toiled hard and contributed greatly to our country. In the past, there were careers that are unheard of by the younger generations today—such as the Samsui women and letter writers.

Today, there are still a few old trades that can be found in Singapore that are worth learning more about. With no successors, these old trades face the threat of extinction and along with them, the culture and skills as well.

Before they vanish for good, here are 9 Old Trades In Singapore You Should Explore Before They Vanish With Time. READ ON

12 New Dishes That Pay Tribute To All Things Singaporean

National Day Dishes 2018

There is plenty of things that Singaporeans can be grateful for but the one thing that we simply cannot do without is our vast array of local food that stems from our heritage and culture that spans across all races.

It goes without saying that when it comes to our local cuisine, we Singaporeans are fanatically passionate about it and it shows with the many Singaporean food festivals that take place all over the world for students and people working abroad who just can’t fathom the absence of our local delicacies in their bellies.

Come this National Day and the month of August, a number of fast food chains, restaurants, bars and cafes have decided that it’s time to upkeep the true spirit that is Singapore’s unyielding gastronomic scene by coming up with a slew of new Singaporean-themed edible treats, infusing both local flavours and flair into their various offerings. Here is our guide on 12 new dishes that pay tribute to all things Singaporean.


Singapore 2016 – Remembering 51 Years of Nation Building

Singapore Flag

As we celebrate our Nation’s 51st birthday this year, let us go back to our roots and reflect on the times when the pioneer generation painstakingly build this beautiful Garden City we live in today.

What was once a wasteland has transformed into a first-world city with majestic skyscrapers and prospering economy, and a rich culinary landscape shaped by the multi racial and religious groups residing here.

Today, we will be looking at some significant events that took place since the colonial era and Remember The Years of Nation Building. READ ON

6 Places To Celebrate National Day 2016

Singapore Night Skyline

National Day has always been an exciting event for Singaporeans as we celebrate our nation’s independence day – watching colourful fireworks and singing the national anthem with pride together are some of our favourite things to do.

While watching the National Day Parade is on everyone’s to-do lists, not everyone’s that lucky to get tickets to the show. Do not despair if you did not manage to ballot for the tickets this year!

Here are 6 Places to Celebrate National Day 2016 with your family and friends. Now, stand up, Singapore! Singapore is turning 51!


13 Restaurants To Catch The Beautiful National Day Fireworks 2015


Imagine dining with exquisite food while enjoying a panoramic view of Singapore’s stunning skyline. To make the moment even better, amazing fireworks greet you and they look beautiful against the cityscape.

The day is approaching and we suggest you make your reservations soon if you want to catch the fireworks. What is so special about this year? Singapore celebrates the 50th year of independence with the ‘SG50′ slogan. This year’s fireworks are the biggest and will be the most stunning ones to date!

Racking your brains on which restaurant to make your reservations at for this special day? Fret not, we have a list to share. Here are 15 Restaurants To Catch The Beautiful National Day Fireworks 2015!


Celebrate Singapore’s National Day 2014 at The Westin Singapore

Cook & Brew Singaporean Platter

One of the public holidays that we always look forward to is National Day. The whole nation will be in a joyous mood, and catching the fireworks at the end of the National Day parade is always a highlight – something that is close to heart, something that reminds us why we love our Home.

This National Day, celebrate our country’s birthday at The Westin Singapore. The gorgeous property sits right in the heart of the country, and it is always nicer to see our Singapore from a higher ground. With exclusive promotions and limited edition menu additions, expect nothing short of a fantastic time at the hotel’s signature interactive dining venue – Seasonal Tastes – and specialty gastro-bar – Cook & Brew.

Seasonal Tastes, one of our go-to buffet restaurants in town, is serving buffet lunch at S$42++ and dinner at S$62++. And here’s something special – all guests who share the same birthday as Singapore (9 August 1965) get to dine for free (identification card confirmation required). No better way to celebrate in such a meaningful way, surely.

To make your reservation at Seasonal Tastes, please call +65 6922 6968 or email [email protected]

Cook & Brew Milo Dinosaur Shot

Have you tried shots that are infused with favourite local flavours like Teh Terik, Bandung and Milo? Cook & Brew has specially created limited edition shots with the local flavours for only S$4.90 each.

And, indulge in local delights from Cook & Brew’s Singaporean Food Platter (S$49) which features Soft Shell Crab, Otah, Satay, and Grilled Shrimp. A bucket of 5 Tiger Radler Beers goes for S$49 on National Day. Beer, favourite local food, good company and a buzzing atmosphere at the comforting gastrobar – we are sold.

To make your reservation at Cook & Brew, please call +65 6922 6948 or email [email protected].

The Westin Singapore
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Tel: +65 6922 6888
Nearest Station: Downtown/Marina Bay

This post is brought to you by The Westin Singapore.

10 Things to Eat in Singapore

Singapore Must Eats

Singapore is a foodie paradise. It is not exaggerating to say that eating is part of the Singapore Spirit. Since we will be celebrating National day in a month’s time, I thought it would be nice to write about some of the must-eats in Singapore.

Here’s my list of 10 Things to Eat in Singapore.