9 Best Museums in London To Check Out – Most Of Them Offer Free Admission

London Best Museums

The capital of England is not just home to the best dining destinations but too boasts a fine selection of museums. Following the recent Brexit, travel gurus have declared the UK as a great travel bargain; its affordability has propelled London to become even more highly sought after than before.

From Victoria and Albert Museum, Grant Museum of Zoology to National Gallery London, here are The 9 Best Museums in London that all cultured travellers must check out. By the way, most of London’s major museums offer complimentary general admission. Now, you have no excuses to not make a special trip!


Top Reasons to Visit London Borough Market

London Borough Market

Borough Market is one of the largest and oldest wholesale and retail food markets in London. There are many things to see and do when you are on a holiday in London. If you are a food lover, a trip to Borough Market should be on the top of your list. Even if you are not a hard-core foodie, do not drop this off – really, you will not regret.

There are many goodies at Borough Market, but I will not be going into details as it is something that you must experience for yourself. Instead, I will share with you some of the things that you must see, do and eat at Borough Market.


London in HD Full Colours


When I was planning my trip to Europe last year, I told myself that London must be included in the itinerary. Which is strange because London has never been one of the must-go cities for me. I guess it is partly because of my friends. Many of them are frequent visitors to London, and they have nothing but good things to say about the city.

London is indeed a stunning city. I don’t think I’ll ever love it like how I love Paris, or Barcelona, but I definitely want to come back again to learn more about her.

Regrettably, my stay in London was short, and I didn’t manage to try everything on my list of must-go places. I guess that’s my excuse for going back to London again! Anyway, here are some of the shots that I took, hope you like them!