Iceland Travel Guide – 7 Things To Do in The Land Of Fire And Ice

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The land of fire and ice, Iceland is one place you must visit in your lifetime. From majestic waterfalls and black-sand beaches to glacier lagoons and volcanoes, Iceland has it all. This Arctic island exudes different charms from season to season but the landscapes remain picturesque.

Although photos simply don’t do justice to the beauty of the raw wilderness and natural wonders in Iceland, here are 7 things to do in Iceland that will hopefully inspire you to make a trip there. READ ON

Aurora 2016 Forecast and The 5 Best Destinations to Catch Them

Finland AuroraSource: Visit Finland

The aurora is a jaw-dropping natural light phenomenon that has been fascinating human civilisations since medieval times. These stunning displays are not related to the supernatural, but are simply a result of the collision between earth’s gas atoms and charged particles from the sun’s atmosphere.

Auroras take place in high-latitude regions and one can witness these spectacular formations at either of the magnetic poles during specific periods each year.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the auroras are known as ‘Aurora Borealis’, while auroras in Southern Hemisphere are called ‘Aurora Australis’. There are many aurora variations and they could exist in blue, green, pink, red and/or ultraviolet colours. Similarly, the shapes of the Northern and Southern lights could vary from curtain-like arcs to diffused flickering patches.

In this installation, we share more about Aurora Forecast for 2016 and the 5 Best Places to Catch Them.