Guide to Greenwood Avenue Restaurants Singapore

Greenwood Avenue Restaurants

After coming up with Guides to Holland Village, Chip Bee Garden, and Dempsey Road restaurants, I have been thinking: where’s next? I want to blog about a dining area which is not known to most, and hopefully it will encourage you to check it out.

The stretch of Greenwood Avenue restaurants immediately came to mind: a) there’s a good mix of Brazilian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and Western restaurant, b) the restaurants at Greenwood Avenue are nice for a quiet dinner away from the city and c) not many people have been there before.

Here’s a complete guide to the Greenwood Avenue Restaurants:


Guide to Chip Bee Garden Restaurants Singapore

Chip Bee Garden Restaurant

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Holland Village restaurants, but do you know that there are a stretch of restaurants opposite Holland Village?

Chip Bee Garden on Jalan Merah Saga is located directly opposite of Holland Village. Hidden from the public eyes, it is a quaint and charming place that houses different restaurants, gourmet food stores, and baking supply shops.

Here’s a complete guide to the Chip Bee Garden Restaurants:


Guide to Holland Village Restaurants Singapore

Holland Village

Lorong Mambong, or more commonly known as Holland Village is a very popular foodie paradise in the West of Singapore. There’s a very good mixed of restaurants at Holland Village; Italian, Mediterranean cuisine, Chinese food, Mexican, Japanese, Vietnamese – you name it, they have it!

After coming up with the guide to Dempsey road Restaurants, I have been thinking about where to feature next. I got my answer when a friend asked me with a simple question: ‘Where to eat in Holland Village?’

Here’s a complete guide of Holland Village Restaurants:


Sunday Brunch at Mykii Brasserie Cafe, Holland Village


// Update: Mykii Brasserie Cafe is now closed

Many food lovers always like to go Holland Village as it has always been one of the popular dining spots in Singapore that has so many different restaurants. I recently came to know that Mykii restaurant actually serves brunch on weekends. It wasn’t  even on my list of Brunch Places in Singapore when I had compiled it back then.

Breakfast at Mykii Brasserie Cafe is available on weekends from 11.30am – 4pm, and there are three brunch menus to choose from: Hearty Deluxe ($38), Gourmet Chic ($28) and Classique ($28). We had a Hearty Deluxe brunch set which came with a starter of homemade bread & muffin/scone/cupcake, Mykii Brunch platter, a choice of main course, dessert, coffee/tea and fruit juice. I know, that’s quite an handful isn’t it? In addition to that, we shared another Gourmet Chic brunch set which was essentially about the same as the Hearty Deluxe brunch set – less the main course.

Most of the time, I prefer to order from the ala carte menu, rather than having a brunch buffet. There’s no need for so much variety for breakfast, I’m a cereal-eggs-pancakes-desserts kind of guy. I like to keep brunch simple – nothing too heavy.


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