Barcelona’s Top 11 Tapas Bars That You Must Try At Least Once

Barcelona Best Tapas

Eating tapas is a quintessential thing to do when in Barcelona, and the variations are aplenty so there will always be something to try every day. Call it a lifestyle maybe, and we really love how the Spanish indulge in the art of waking up late and lingering around tapas bars when the whole world is hard at work.

We bar-hopped every day when in Barcelona, ate more tapas in one week than we ever did in our whole lives, and our perceptions will never be the same again. Because apart from the interesting creations that we would never otherwise get in Singapore, eating tapas and sipping wine in Barcelona is an exceptionally sexy thing to do – especially when you sit outdoors on tree-lined paths, and when you have Latino music looping in the background

Here is our guide to Barcelona’s Top 11 Tapas Bars that you must try at least once in your life.


5 Food Destinations in Barcelona that You Must Dine At

Barcelona Restaurants Guide

Spain is indeed unlike any country that I had ever visited; its rich tradition and interesting culture can never be mimicked nor replaced. Spanish cuisine is such a joy to explore! My gastronomical odyssey across Barcelona was a fulfilling one as I dug into fragrant paella and tranches of fresh seafood tapas.

I have listed 5 must-visit restaurants in Barcelona, from an internationally acclaimed tapas bar with over 100 years of history to a relatively new designer ice cream stop that is taking Barcelona by storm.


Tapas Bar Hopping in Barcelona

Barcelona Sagranda Familia

Barcelona is an amazing city. The weather is perfect, the locals are friendly, the shopping is great, and of course, I like the fact that people here love dining till late.

Whenever I go to a city that I really like, I always find myself envisioning a future staying there. After spending the first day in the capital of Catalonia, I told myself: “I could live in Barcelona!”

It has always been my dream to visit Spain, and eat Spanish tapas while bar-hopping. I managed to go to some of the eating spots that a few readers recommended when I mentioned on twitter that I was heading to Barcelona.