Fried Kuay Teow Mee

” SINGAPORE – Singapore’s annual inflation rate hit a 25-year high of 6.6 percent in January, according to Department of Statistics (DOS) data released on Monday.

The inflation rate, as indicated by the consumer price index (CPI), was the highest since the 7.5 percent hit in March 1982… “

You must be thinking whether LIC has gone nuts writing food reviews, or you must have step into the wrong place, not quite like your impression of a food blog. Don’t just read the start, you need to finish the story!


Loh Mei specialist

Loh Mei specialist is a store in the People’s Park food centre at Chinatown. “Ru wei” or braised meat, is very famous and commonly found in Taiwan, but somehow in Singapore, its not the case. Thus its good to see a store delicated to selling this alone.


Serangoon Gardens Food Centre

Serangoon Gardens is a food haven for all food lovers out there, besides the long stretch of restaurants located there, Chomp Chomp is another name that comes into mind when you think of Serangoon Garden. But no, we are not looking at Chomp Chomp today, there’s another place which is worth a visit, Serangoon Gardens Food Centre!

In case you are wondering where is Serangoon Gardens Food Centre, its near Lorong Chuan, just before turning in into the Serangoon Gardens’ roundabout.


Seng Kee Black Herbal Chicken Soup

Seng Kee Black Herbal Chicken Soup is located just opposite Kembangan MRT station. I happened to chance upon this zi-char restaurant because my friends had cravings for their mee-sua.

So another venture into the east side of Singapore for LIC, as i stay in the west and the east is so far away. But there are simple too much good food in the area, so you will be seeing more food from the east in the future!


Tiong Bahru Market

Tiong Bahru Lor Mee ($2.50)

Met up with Val, Serene, vyonne, lyn for lunch, went to Tiong Bahru market.

Price: $2, $2.5, $3
Verdict: Taste not bad, although the serving was a tad small

Serene got the famous Tiong Bahru Chee Kwah. I think got three stores claim that they are the original one, no idea which is the one, anyway Serene say the price increase again, mayb the boss say the “cai po” price increase because of GST hike. LOL!!

Ng Ah Sio Pork Ribs Soup (Bak Ku Teh)


Wake up early early on a Sunday Morning to have breakfast with Mister Ang and Mister Ong. Cos mister ang say he long time never wake up early to have breakfast liao, and also i seldom got wake up early to have breakfast with mates one. So here we go, at first wanted to have dim-sum, but in the end we chose Bak Ku Teh. Mister Ang say there are two more famous one in Singapore, one being in Balestier (which S.H.E frequents when they come Singapore), and the other one which we went Ng Ah Sio at Rangoon road, which is the one that appears in the news last time because it refuse/cannot serve the HK Chief Executive, Donald Tseng at night. Rangoon road off Serangoon a bit far, but Mister ang driving, so no problem!

True to its name, when we arrived at 9am, it was close to full house already. But luckily for us, we got a table immediately and start ordering. While waiting for the food to come, we started experimenting with the teapot. Although we got eat Bak Ku Teh before, but none of us actually know the correct way to make the tea (usually other people do it for us). So we put in the tea leave and mister ong start pouring the water. But later we find out the correct way should be rinse the teapot with hotwater once first, den put in the tea leave? O well, since we are not very particular about tea, no harms done!


The main charactor of the day, Pork Ribs ($5.50)!! Now, i am not a expert in Bak Ku Tea, according to Mister Ang & Ong who had been to the Balestier one, the one here soup is different, must be the ingredients different, the pork ribs and the soup are better than the Balestier one (quote them not me) Service rating


Pork legs. Mister Ong and me don’t really like eating pork legs because got fat fat skin, but Mister ang likes so we ordered one plate and it turns out to be quite good! Not really a lot fat meat, except for the skin. But if compared to the Balestier Bak Ku Teh, they say the pork legs there are better than here. Your judgement, your call. Its good n’uff for me Service rating

We also had peanuts and you tiao (which i believe everyone knows how it looks like so i am not showing). Total bill was $32 for 3 person, is it expensive? A bit i guess, considering we had it for breakfast, but once in a while its ok. The place at Rangoon road off Serangoon road was quite inacessible if you are not driving, a 10min walk from farrer park mrt i think. Also, free-flow of soup, you can always “top-up” yr pork rib soup if not n’uff!

Service rating

208 Rangoon Road 218453

Tel: 6291 4537 

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