Joe’s Thai Kitchen – Authentic Thai Eatery By A Thai Chef At Alexandra Village

Joe's Thai Kitchen 1

For those who are working in the Bukit Merah and Alexandra neighbourhoods, you’d definitely know how difficult it is to find a spot to dine at (and one which serves up good food) during the lunch hour. With the eatery’s roots dating back to 2006, Joe’s Thai Kitchen at Alexandra Village has received much praise for their authentic Thai dishes over the years.

Drop by Joe’s Thai Kitchen for authentic and legit Thai food with no additional GST charges.

Joe’s Thai Kitchen is a casual Thai eatery at Alexandra Village headed by a Thai Chef and his Singaporean wife.

Joe's Thai Kitchen Interior

Joe’s Thai Kitchen keeps things simple and easy so you won’t find any sort of extravagant decor in this eatery. Their walls are kept largely bare, and their tablecloths are reminiscent of the old-school tablecloths that we grew up with. Given this, you know that this eatery focuses their attention on what’s important — the food.

Joe's Thai Kitchen Rice with Basil Leaf Minced Pork & Egg

When we visited, we had to order one of our favourite Thai dishes — the Rice with Basil Leaf Minced Pork & Egg (S$8.90). Although the minced pork was on the salty side, this was balanced by the sweetness of the basil leaves. However, if you’re someone who isn’t fond of spicy food, we’d recommend you to proceed with caution as the Rice with Basil Leaf Minced Pork & Egg was spicier than we expected.

Joe's Thai Kitchen Green Curry Chicken

How can you dine at a Thai restaurant without ordering some green curry? As compared to the other green curries in Singapore which feature quite a fair bit of coconut milk to suit the Singaporean palate, Joe’s Thai Kitchen kept their version of the green curry closer to what you’d find in Thailand. Their Green Curry Chicken (S$8.80) featured significantly lesser coconut milk which allowed the spices of the green curry to shine. This is authentic Thai food at its best.

Joe's Thai Kitchen Tom Yum Nam Kone 1

You can’t go wrong with ordering Tom Yum soup, and Joe’s Thai Kitchen’s rendition of this dish met our expectations The Tom Yum Nam Kone (Original Orange Soup Base) with Seafood (S$8.50).

Whilst Joe’s Thai Kitchen served a decent portion of soup, we would have liked for the soup to have come with slightly more ingredients. As compared to some other local Thai restaurants, the flavours of fish sauce featured more prominently in the broth so don’t be surprised when you have your first taste of the soup.

Joe’s Thai Kitchen
Blk 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-182,
Singapore 150125
Tel: +65 6270 8484