The Wizard’s Brew – New Harry Potter-Themed Dessert & Bar In Singapore

The Wizards Brew

Potterheads will be thrilled with the opening of The Wizard’s Brew, a new Harry Potter-Themed dessert shop & bar in Singapore.

Welcome to the enchanting realm of The Wizard’s Brew! Located at 10B Trengganu Street in Chinatown, this Harry Potter-themed dessert bar is a hidden gem which even locals do not know about.

The Wizard's Brew door

The Wizard's Brew clouds

Step inside this Harry Potter-themed dessert cafe and bar, you’ll be immediately transported to the mystical realm of Hogwarts carefully crafted to recreate the awe-inspiring atmosphere of the books and movies.

The Wizard's Brew bar

The Wizard's Brew Fire Place

Drawing inspiration from the beloved Harry Potter series, The Wizard’s Brew exudes an enchanting atmosphere with its floating candles, multi-coloured clouds, decorative chandeliers, expansive shelves adorned with mystical books, and an intricately designed faux fireplace.

The Wizard's Brew clouds interior

The medieval-gothic aesthetic captivates Potterheads, immersing them in the wizard world. Isn’t this like a dream come true?! We were in awe of the attention to details at every nook and cranny.

The Wizard's Brew Desserts and cocktails

The Wizard’s Brew has specially crafted a whimsical range of spell-binding cocktails and desserts (made from scratch by their in-house bakery) to create a truly magical experience.

The Wizard's Brew Wizard Hat

Set the Witches Hat (S$19) ablaze and you will find a beautiful Valrhona milk chocolate mousse with crunchy pearls and chocolate sponge cake.

The Wizard's Brew Baby Root

The human-like Mandrake is made of chocolate ganache and you can use it as a spoon to scoop up the strawberry shortcake in the Baby Root (S$22, good for 2 pax to share) egg-shaped pot.

The Wizard's Brew Tiramisu

Topped with Baileys pearls, The Reaper’s Gold (S$16) is a delicious tiramisu that will go very well with a cocktail. This is also homemade and is definitely one of the better tiramisus we’ve had in Singapore of late.

The Wizard's Brew Phoenix Fire

The rum-based Phoenix Fire (S$22) cocktail is a real showstopper. Blink and you will miss the show.

The Wizard's Brew cocktail

To conjure the spell, add the saliva of the fiery dragon, elixir from the ethereal fountain, tears from the singing mermaid and mix it with the secret potion in the bubbling cauldron.

And complete the spell by chanting the incantation that is given with The Wizard’s Brew (S$22).

The Wizard's Brew Bar Snacks

There is also a selection of savoury tapas (S$9 – $13) including Tater Tots, Nachos Chips, Buffalo Wings, Cheesy Meat Balls. Nothing magical about them, but they will go very well with your magic potions.

The Wizard's Brew halloween dessert

If you are looking for somewhere to celebrate Halloween in Singapore, look no further than The Wizard’s Brew. The talented pastry chefs have created special desserts just for the occasion.

The Wizard's Brew Harry Potter

Grab your ward, put on your wizard’s robe and get your cameras ready for the desserts and cocktails that come with a theatrical showmanship. This was honestly such a fun experience and we can’t wait to be back already!

The Wizard’s Brew
Trengganu St, 10B, Singapore 058464
Tel: +65 6966 2134