Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken – The Best Concubine Chicken With Ginger Scallion Sauce

Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken

Talk about Chicken Rice in Singapore and most people wouldn’t think of Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken.

But it is a shame. Not many in Singapore serve this dish, let alone do it well. That’s why more people should know about Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken because they have just about the best Hong Kong-style chicken in Singapore – Concubine chicken, royal chicken or better known as gui fei ji.

Chu Huang Hong Kong Gui Fei Ji

Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken is founded and run by Chef Wu Hai Feng.

So what exactly is gui fei ji, you may ask. It is strikingly different from the Hainanese poached chicken that we are used to in Singapore. The Hong Kong-style royal chicken also starts with blanching chicken (kampong chicken is used), except it is then transferred to a pot of herb brine. A fragrant herb sauce is drizzled all over the chicken before it is served.

Chu Huang Hong Kong Chicken

At Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken, consistency is what we love. No matter when we sink our teeth into its gui fei ji, it is always good. Quality control is high, and it keeps us going back all the time. The chicken is tender and succulent, always fresh and never overcooked.

This is definitely one of the best chicken rice in Singapore.

Chu Huang ginger scallion oil

Served with an extremely fragrant and flavourful ginger-scallion dip that is quite the finishing piece to the puzzle, we are always up for a plate of chicken rice at Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken.

Chu Huang Char siew

Apart from gui fei ji, Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicke also offers roasts and chicken in other styles (such as soya sauce chicken and Szechuan slobbering chicken). While we are absolute fans of the gui fei ji, the rest didn’t leave much of an impression except for the char siew. We would say stick to eating the gui fei ji and char siew when dining at Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken.

Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken
101 Upper Cross St, #01-05L
People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058357
Tel: +65 6532 0380