Casuarina Curry Macpherson – S$7.90 Prata Buffet (Over 25 Types Of Prata) From 27 Sep – 1 Oct


Casuarina Curry at Macpherson Road is having a S$7.90 roti prata buffet with over 25 types of roti prata from 27 Sep to 1 Oct 2021.


This humble establishment is hugely popular for several good reasons. For one, they manage to nail the basics every time, whipping up crispy roti prata accompanied with a hearty fish or mutton curry that never fails to satisfy customers.


The roti prata themselves are perennially crispy without being overly oily, making the experience, unlike any other prata establishment. Their ability to keep their prices relatively low – considering how large their portion sizes are – is a reason why Casuarina Curry has managed to retain a loyal customer base.


For 90 minutes between 3 – 6pm, you can stuff your face with more than 25 types of roti prata including paper prata, cheese prata, onion garlic prata, egg cheese sausage prata, plaster prata, garlic cheese, egg cheese sausage and more.

Casuarina Curry Macpherson’s roti prata buffet
27 Sep – 1 Oct 2021
3 – 6 PM S$7.90 (for 90 mins)

  • There is no limit of orders during the dining period from 3 – 6pm, with a maximum of 2 items per person for each order.
  • The 90-minute timer starts once your first item is served
  • This is only for dine-in and no takeaways
  • Price is inclusive of 7% GST

Casuarina Curry MacPherson Rd
187 Macpherson Road
Singapore 348545
Tel: +65 6285 9001