1-Day Food Itinerary In Singapore – #EnjoyTheFlow and Indulge In Local Gems

Food Itinerary Gojek

With many countries’ borders remaining shut and various travel restrictions still in place, it looks like we will be “grounded” in Singapore for a little while more. The silver lining? We get more time to rediscover our sunny island with loved ones.

If you are looking for something touristy to do in Singapore, we’ve got a gourmet adventure for you. After all, Singapore is a food paradise in its own right and its food culture is enthralling.

So take a day off and treat yourself to a gastronomic journey with this itinerary we are about to share. It is a myriad of experiences that include a local-style breakfast, Michelin-starred hawker stall, and a refined Mod-Sin dinner in a chic and trendy hotel.

Also, we have a giveaway happening at the end of this post. 3 lucky winners will each enjoy an all-expenses-paid experience of this exact itinerary, including a stay at The Warehouse Hotel, courtesy of Gojek.

Let’s get moving; Singapore is waiting for you!



Of course, we have to kickstart our itinerary with a local-style breakfast! Book a Gojek ride from wherever you are, and just sit back and enjoy the calm, morning ride to Keong Saik Road.

Previously located in the iconic red and white building on Keong Saik Road, Tong Ah Eating House has moved to a unit just farther down the road. Since its opening in 1939, this traditional coffee shop has gained recognition for its crispy kaya toast.

While there is no lack of great kaya toast in Singapore, Tong Ah Eating House is one of those eateries that keep customers coming back for more—be it for their kaya toast or for their heritage. From the modest wall decorations to their humble kaya toasts, Tong Ah Eating House evokes a sense of nostalgia like no other, where you enjoy your breakfast ala old-school Singapore style.

Tong Ah Eating House
35 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089142



After a great kaya toast breakfast, head over to Chinatown for a tour of the cultural enclave.

There are many things to do and see in the area, ranging from visiting national monument Sri Mariamman Temple and attending tea appreciation classes at Tea Chapter to, eating local delicacies at Chinatown Complex Food Centre and savouring egg tarts at traditional bakery Tong Heng.

Tong Heng Egg Tarts

Be sure to drop by Tong Heng for their famous egg tarts while you are visiting Chinatown. Tong Heng has been around since Singapore’s colonial days and is most known for their mouthwatering diamond-shaped egg tarts. A wobbly pure egg custard is encased in a slightly flaky crust.

You can also sign up for a short walking tour with Jane’s Tours while you are in the foodie district! Jane’s Tours specializes in small-group tours where you can explore an area and pick up interesting tidbits on Singapore’s culture and history. Burn off those calories while at it! We still have a whole day of eating, y’all.

Hawker Chan


For lunch, make your way to Tai Seng and indulge your taste buds at Hawker Chan. Offering the Cheapest Michelin-starred Meal In The World, Hawker Chan needs no introduction. They are well-loved for their Soya Sauce Chicken Rice, Roasted Pork Rice and Char Siew Noodle.

Dining at Hawker Chan

It’s also a good spot to fantasise about being a tourist, as the restaurant calls forth. That aside, their roasts are smoky and flavourful, and they remain relatively affordable despite their Michelin star!

Hawker Chan
18 Tai Seng St, Singapore 539775

Alchemist Coffee Interior


After a great lunch, it’s time to park yourself somewhere for a midday drink and rest. Swing over to Alchemist—just across the road from Hawker Chan—for a little break.

Housed in the former Khong Guan Biscuit Factory, Alchemist is a popular speciality coffee shop known for its coffee. This outlet boasts a minimalistic interior with marble and blue countertop that exudes Kinfolk vibes. Moreover, thanks to a roastery that is placed within the space, the lovely scent of coffee beans are strong in the air, which will easily awaken any tired soul.

Grab yourself a nice cuppa (we love their hand-drip coffee) and maybe even a pastry. It’s always lovely to slow down and breathe—with coffee, of course!

2 MacTaggart Road, Singapore 368078

Dining at Po Restaurant


Are you ready to continue with our itinerary? We are winding down for the day and headed to The Warehouse Hotel, where we will spend the night. But first, dinner.

Housed in The Warehouse Hotel is Po Restaurant, a chic and trendy-looking restaurant offering Mod-Sin cuisine. The menu features familiar names of local dishes, but they come with a modern twist.

Po Restaurant

Our picks include Kurobuta Char Siew, Carabinero Prawns & Konbu Mee (a dry umami spin on the popular Hokkien Mee), and of course, Po Restaurant’s signature Popiah.

The Kurobuta Char Siew melts in your mouth, leaving a subtly smoky and fragrant aftertaste. The popiah was so damn good; think your classic local favourite reinvented and elevated with premium ingredients.

320 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169628

Warehouse Hotel


After a whole day of appreciating Singapore’s food culture, you must now be full and content. Treat yourself to a staycation at The Warehouse Hotel—a chic boutique hotel known for its industrial-chic ambience.

Warehouse Hotel OOTD

Rest easy in their loft rooms that overlook the Singapore River and quaint Robertson Quay, while fondly recalling your food adventures in the day. Life can be good in Singapore, ain’t it?


This itinerary was created in collaboration with Gojek to help bring a little more joy in these extraordinary times. With this itinerary, Gojek hopes that you will be inspired to explore the city, and just sit back and enjoy the flow. Gojek will also be rewarding 3 winners each with an all-expenses-paid experience of this exact itinerary!

Click here for full details on how you can stand to win the experience for you and a friend! The contest will close on 31 Dec 2020.

This post was brought to you by Gojek Singapore.