9 Kway Chap Stalls In Singapore That Offal Islandwide Delivery – Braised Duck, Intestines & Kway

Kway Chap Islandwide Delivery Singapore Cover Photo

Fun fact: Kway chap is actually a Teochew dish. Another fun fact (that you already know): It’s a very popular Teochew dish. If there’s one dish that we would kill for on rainy days, it would have to be this.

When you’re eating kway chap, it’s impossible to get bored. The medley of ingredients squeezed onto one plate keeps you excited throughout the meal, from start to finish. We love that you can come up with all kinds of permutations in every bite — kway and intestines, tau pok and pork belly, and so on.

Okay, but enough talking. We’re ready for our kway chap fix. Here are 9 kway chap places in Singapore that are doing islandwide delivery!

Bedok 539 Kway Chap from FB

Photo Credit: Bedok 539 Kway Chap


Easties, heads up. This long-standing kway chap stall run in Bedok North has been around for around 21 years and is doing islandwide delivery. Expect generous portions of braised ingredients and a superb execution of vinegar pig trotters.

Deliveries to the following areas are available from 9am to 7.30pm: Bedok & Chai Chee (S$6 flat delivery fee) and Simei, Tampines, Pasir Ris & Loyang (S$7 flat delivery fee). For other areas, check their delivery schedule here.

Whatsapp +65 9831 2596 between 10am and 5pm to order.

Bukit Merah View Kway Chap from FB

Photo Credit: Bukit Merah View Kway Chap


Afraid of getting soggy kway by the time it reaches your door? Not to worry — Bukit Merah View offers the option of uncooked kway! Simply drop them in boiling water in 5 minutes and you’re good to go.

For value-for-money servings and excellently seasoned kway chap, this is one to go for. They are open every day from 7am to 2pm, except on alternate Mondays (18 May is an off day).

Whatsapp or call +65 9178 4195 to place an order.

Chuan Lai Guo Zhi Wang from FB

Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/chuanlaigzw/


How do you like the sound of crispy fried intestines? We’re salivating already. Chuan Lai Guo Zhi Wang’s kway chap sets come with the usual offals and meat, as well as homemade fish cake and ngoh hiong!

Do order at least two to three hours in advance. Islandwide delivery fees range from S$5 to S$25, depending on distance.

Whatsapp or Telegram +65 8609 6748 to place your order or for general enquiries.



Putting an inventive spin on age-old recipes, Jin Ji Braised Duck Rice & Kway Chap offers groundbreaking creations such as The Quack Donburi and The Quack Ramen.

They also offer Japanese-style jumbo bentos which come with thoughtfully plated yam rice balls and other ingredients. If you’d prefer your kway chap the straightforward, traditional way, they’re all set for that too.

Order via their Oddle platform here.

Lao San Kway Chap from FB

Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/laosankwaychapamk/


Yes, it’s that popular kway chap stall with super long queues in Ang Mo Kio. Heck, they are even facing long queues even during this circuit breaker. Need we say more about the quality of their food?

Do place your order at least 3 hours in advance to give them time for preparation. The last order for same-day deliveries will be at 5pm. Note that they don’t do deliveries on Wednesdays. Delivery fees range from S$5 to S$15, depending on your location.

Order via their pre-order form here. Or contact +65 9487 0693 (Agnes) to order.

Lor Duck from FB

Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/lorducksingapore/


A kway chap and zi char concept rolled into one, Lor Duck will satisfy all your Chinese cravings. Besides the usual zi char dishes of claypot tofu and kang kong belacan, they also have mouthwatering innovations such as Yam Braised Duck Fried Rice.

We recommend going for their braised platters if you’re sharing with the family. Their Seafood Crispy Noodle is a must-try too.

They’re available for islandwide delivery via GrabFood, with delivery charges varying with distance.

To Ricos Kway Chap from FB

Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/toricos.sg/


Old Airport Road Food Centre is every foodie’s haven and To Ricos Kway Chap has got to be one of the main contributing factors. Their solid rendition of kway chap has won over many regulars, who gladly wait in line for a set of their herbal goodness.

They only deliver for lunch from 11am – 1.30pm. Orders are on a first-come-first-serve basis and are to be sent at 4pm sharp, no earlier. Otherwise, your order will not be accepted. Do order one day in advance.

WhatsApp +65 8923 0892 to order.

Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap GroupShot


So you’ve had pad thai and green curry before. Big deal. But, have you tried Thai-style kway chap? This Thai dish certainly takes on a different appearance from the brown herbal soup we’re so used to, from the clear peppery soup to the rolled-up noodles.

You still get the usual ingredients of pork intestines and pork belly, as well as less common ones such as fish sausage and roast pork. Do yourselves a favour and get another serving of their crackling roasted pork.

Enjoy free islandwide delivery from them with a minimum order of S$35. Order here.

Yu-Kee-Specialities-Kuay-Chap-Set (1)


If all the kway chap stalls in Singapore formed a gang, Yu Kee Duck Rice would be the one they’d call “Lao Da”. With countless outlets across the island, Yu Kee has almost become a household name for kway chap and duck rice.

There is a minimum order of S$40 and a flat delivery fee of S$5. Advanced notice of at least one hour is required. Deliveries are available from 8am to 6pm daily.

Call +65 6344 1183 or +65 9682 6427 to order.