Xiaoer Niuda – Savour Handmade Beef Noodles at JEM’s Halal-certified Beef La Mian Restaurant

Xiaoer Niuda Cover Image

One of the perks of living in multi-cultural Singapore is none other than being able to indulge in a myriad of distinct cuisines.

What’s more, with the growing abundance of Halal-Chinese eateries gracing our food scene, our Muslim pals can now expand their palates and enjoy the best of both worlds while reveling in authentic Chinese cuisine. One such Halal-certified, Chinese establishment is Xiaoer Niuda, a traditional beef la mian restaurant nestled in the heart of JEM.

La Mian — known as “hand-pulled” noodles — originates from Lanzhou, China. Xiaoer Niuda has brought that fusion culture over to our local shores, specialising in handmade, halal la mian topped with morsels of savoury beef.

Xiaoer Niuda Premium Spicy Beef La Mian


Topped with huge slices of beef, radishes, and scallions, the signature Premium Spicy Beef La Mian (S$8.80) features silky strands of noodle expertly pulled and tossed, resulting in a springy, chewy consistency.

Steeped in a clear, robust broth, each spoonful promises utmost savouriness with strong bursts of herbaceous notes. The combination of the flavourful soup with the tender meat also brought out the beef’s innate flavours.

Xiaoer Niuda Spicy Sauteed Chicken


One of their bestsellers, Xiaoer Niuda’s Sautéed Spicy Chicken (S$18.80) is an enormous platter of tender chicken cubes, spicy peppers and a range of sauces atop thick slabs of hand-cut noodles.

Prior to serving, the noodles are soaked in their speciality beef broth to absorb its earthy flavour before it is laden on the plate. Thoroughly sautéed and seasoned with chilli and peppers, this dish is exceptionally delectable and guaranteed to leave one’s mouth numb.

Xiaoer Niuda Stir-fried Spicy Beef La Mian


Though the traditional beef noodles are usually served in soup, diners can also opt for “gaijiao-style” la mian, also known as dry, stir-fried noodles. Despite its unassuming appearance, their Stir-fried Spicy Beef La Mian (S$11.80) is not for the faint-hearted.

Each strand of noodle has been thoroughly dusted with chilli powder before it is stir-fried together with ferocious chilli peppers, leaving a searing aftertaste that is sure to set one’s tongue afire. Throw in generous chunks of beef cubes, and this simple dish is ready to be served!

Xiaoer Niuda Potato Beef Rice


We can never say no to a comforting dish reminiscent of our grandma’s cooking. Their Potato Beef Rice (S$8.80) will definitely bring back the nostalgic flavours of one’s childhood with its simplistic elements of tender potato chunks, beef cubes, and of course, spicy peppers.

The medley of ingredients is then drizzled with a luscious, “curry-like” gravy, adding hints of tangy sweetness to the mixture. Paired with a fluffy bed of white rice, this dish is truly a classic rendition of home-cooked food.

Xiaoer Niuda Exterior

Xiaoer Niuda is perfect for those who are seeking homely, comfort food with a strong kick of spice.

Xiaoer Niuda
50 Jurong Gateway Road
JEM, #05-02
Singapore 608549
Tel: +65 6909 5186
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Jurong East