How To Make Dalgona Coffee – 3 Easy Steps to Making This Viral Drink While You Stay At Home

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It’s all over Facebook, Instagram and every other social media platform you see – it’s Dalgona Coffee. Dalgona is actually a traditional Korean candy that is made with sugar and baking soda to form a caramel consistency, where after that it is hardened and shapes are pressed into it. When you whip the coffee up, it also resembles the texture of molten dalgona candy, hence the name!

We’ve narrowed down these three simple steps such that you can also enjoy this viral drink everyone seems to be having. It’s definitely a lot easier than you think!

ingredients dalgona coffee

Step 1: The ratios are super simple – 1:1:1! Add 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, sugar and hot water into a bowl.

whip dalgona coffee

Step 2: Mix with a whisk by hand (and risk feeling the ache for 3 days after) or just grab a small hand-mixer and let it do the work for you. You should see it turn a lighter brown as it gets foamier! Whip it until it reaches a whipped cream-like consistency.

dalgona coffee

Step 3: Add ice and milk to a cup and pour your dalgona whip over it. Mix it thoroughly to enjoy!


Sometimes Singapore can get a little hot so if your coffee doesn’t seem like it’s thickening, stick it in the fridge for around 10 to 15 minutes and try whipping it up again. Patience is key when whipping this.

The foam whips up from the amount of sugar added so if you reduce the amount of sugar, it might not be as thick and foamy as seen in a lot of videos. But the taste will still be pretty good!