Jangsu Korean BBQ – Delicious Barbecue Aged Meat That Will Make You Go Jjang!

Jangsu Korean BBQ Cover Photo

Jangsu Korean BBQ is a humble Korean restaurant located in Serangoon and it is run by a Korean couple. The restaurant serves affordable and super yummy food and pride themselves in using 100% aged meats that are juicy, tender and fresh. You can also expect flavourful seasoned meats that have been marinated with their secret recipe there.

Serangoon is filled with a myriad of good food and this Korean restaurant adds to the list. Here’s why you have to be sure to visit this restaurant for an authentic Korean BBQ experience!

Jangsu Korean BBQ Meat

They offer 3 different type of BBQ sets that differ in the types of meat and marinade. We had Set C (S$54) that comes with Beef Sirloin, Soy Sauce Pork Shoulder, Pork Belly and Spicy Chicken, and it also includes complimentary Steamed Eggs and choice of soup (Kimchi Soup, Soybean Soup or Tofu Soup).

Jangsu korean bbq kimchi soup

The Kimchi Soup was one of the better ones we’ve had in recent times as many places tend to water down their soup too much. It was so rich in flavour, not too sour, slightly spicy, and had chunks of tofu and pork belly.

Jangsu Korean BBQ Beef and Pork

The meat were all so tender. Even when the beef was left on the grill for a longer period of time, it did not get tough nor become a jaw-breaker.

The samgyeopsal (pork belly) was just cut to the right thickness and had a good ratio of meat to fat. The pork juices were well-retained which brought out the fragrance of the meat immensely. The burst of flavours made every bite so pleasant.

Some oyster mushrooms and onions were served alongside the meat, wrap them up in a lettuce wrap to add textures for a satisfying mouthful.

Jangsu Korean BBQ Meat

We have not tasted pork shoulder so tender that it was almost soft before. However, still with a good bite to it. It had a sweet taste that lingers on your tongue but nothing too overbearing! The lady boss told us that no sugar was added in this marinade, however we think it might have been honey that was used to bring out the sweet flavours.

The Spicy Chicken had just a teeny-weeny kick of spice, suitable even for those who cannot take spice.

Jangsu Korean BBQ Side Dishes

A special mention for their amazing banchan (side dishes) – there were braised potatoes, oyster mushrooms, kimchi, beansprouts, tofu in soy sauce, oden and a salad. We always appreciate a Korean restaurant that’s generous with their banchan.

Jangsu Korean BBQ Restaurant

Perfect for small group gatherings and indulgent dinners, we highly recommend you guys to check this underrated place out for an authentic Korean food fare with your friends and family!

19 Teck Chye Terrace
Singapore 545725
Tel: +65 6289 4104
Mon to Sun: 11:30am to 2:30pm, 5pm to 11pm