Everton Creamery – Hidden Cafe in Tai Seng That Offers Fantastic Gelato & Waffles

Everton Creamery Cover

Everton Creamery, a hidden café nestled in Tai Seng’s iconic BreadTalk IHQ Mall, has some really good desserts. They specialise in premium gelato flavours, alongside waffles and a small selection of coffee.

Located right smack in the middle of neighbouring offices, Everton Creamery is one of the go-to ice cream shops in Tai Seng. We were immediately attracted to its cute storefront, boasting pastel décor, ice cream posters and a dazzling array of gelato flavours.

Check out what we thought about the place!

Everton Creamery Waffle

We decided to go for their Waffle with Double Gelato scoops, topped with two dollops of premium flavours: Belgium Chocolate, and Durian (S$13.50). Albeit on the pricier side, the quality of their ice cream and waffles are worth every penny.

The waffle had a buttery aroma, and was crispy on the outside and airy in the middle. Ice cream wise, we chose the Belgium Chocolate and it boasted a creamy and rich texture. It had just the right amount of sweetness, with a luscious, chocolatey taste.

Everton Creamery Waffle Piece

The Durian gelato was super fragrant and rich. It had a velvety texture, although we thought it resembled a thick durian paste instead of ice cream! It was not overly cloying either, but decadent in flavour.

Everton Creamery Store

You’re definitely in for a treat when you visit Everton Creamery! This is a great spot to chill with your friends or co-workers after a long day, so do drop by and give them a try.

Everton Creamery
Breadtalk IHQ Mall
30 Tai Seng Street #02-01A
Singapore 534013
Tel: +65 8869 1885
Mon to Fri & Sun: 12pm – 9:30pm
Sat: 12pm – 10:30pm
Nearest Station: Tai Seng