A First Timer’s Guide On How To Travel From Incheon Airport To Seoul City

Incheon Airport

Flying to Incheon Airport does not get you straight to Seoul City and there are a number of ways to travel there. To save time for your travels, the fastest way is to take the express train from the Airport Railway.

For first timers in Seoul, it can be rather confusing to find your way to Seoul Station from the airport as you will have to find your way to the travel center to get your train tickets and then find your way to the train station.

That is why we came up with a comprehensive guide to show you How To Travel From Incheon Airport To Seoul City with ease. You are very welcome!

Information Counter

If you happen to find yourself in need of anything, you can first head to the information counter at Incheon Airport. However, heading to the city is not as difficult as you think it is—as long as you follow our guide!

Wifi Booth

Since most of us would need to stay connected to the internet, it is advisable to get your wifi routers first before leaving the airport. With internet access, it will be easier for you to search on information when you are in the city itself.

Railroad Sign Airport

In Incheon Airport, there will be signs that will lead you to the train lines. Simply follow the sign boards that read ‘Airport Railroad’.

Railroad Sign

Escalator Airport Railroad

Railway Escalator

Travel Center

After following the signs, you will eventually arrive at the Airport Railroad Travel Center. Find the AREX (Airport Railroad Express) information counter to enquire and purchase your train pass.

Travel Center Information Counter

The express train tickets will set you back at W7,000 (S$8.35) per person. This is inclusive of W500 ($0.60) deposit which you can get back later.

Travel Center Sign

When you are done buying your train tickets, look out for this sign that reads ‘To Seoul Station’. That is the direction you should be going towards to catch the express train.

Airport Railroad

At the station, you have to know where your train will be stopping at. There is the normal railway train (which takes you longer to get to the city) and the express train. If you are feeling unsure, simply ask any staff who is working that day or get other passengers to help you.


That’s it! You are finally on your way to Seoul City. The ride takes about 43 minutes so you can take a short nap or use the free wifi that is being provided on all AREX trains.

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