Suzuki Cafe and Roastery – S$3 Gourmet Coffee Hidden Away in An Industrial Estate


One of the oldest coffee roasteries in Singapore, Suzuki Gourmet Coffee has been offering a wide selection of roasted gourmet coffee since they were founded in 1979. In an effort to further reach the masses, they’ve recently branched out to offer their fragrant cups of coffee at their very own Suzuki Cafe and Roastery.

Located right next to their main headquarters in Chin Bee Avenue, Suzuki Cafe and Roastery is set up on the second floor of an adjoining white building.

Suzuki Cafe & Roastery Interior 01

Opened just this past July, this fairly new cafe is the company’s first step to providing the public an opportunity to experience, and taste a cup of the Suzuki coffee blend first hand.

Upon arrival at the cafe, we were confused by the display of coffee machines on the first level but once we took the stairs up to the second level, we were greeted by a comfortable space with artistic coffee-themed murals and the strong aroma of coffee wafting through the area.

Suzuki Cafe & Roastery Interior 02

On our visit, we ordered a Hot Cappuccino (S$3) and an Iced Cold Brew (S$4).

Suzuki Cafe & Roastery Hot Cappuccino

Made using their exclusive Suzuki coffee blend, which is available exclusively at the cafe, our Hot Cappuccino contained espresso extracted from their impressive-looking Gaggia machine and finished with an adorable latte art.

Even before we tasted the cappuccino, we noted the warm and nutty fragrance it carried which added anticipation to our actual tasting of the coffee.

Without adding any form of sugar, our cup of cappuccino came across strong with the milk helping to create a more pronounced flavour that had a slight bitter aftertaste.

Suzuki Cafe & Roastery Cold Brew

On the other hand, our first few sips of the Cold Brew gave us an earthy taste which later transitioned into one with a more citrusy note, thanks to the addition of the orange slice.

We did find that the cold brew possessed a full-bodied taste, which had evident bitter notes that could be slightly too bitter to some.

Though the folks at Suzuki Cafe and Roastery are still working on conceptualising a food menu, we find that their affordable and delicious cups of coffee are still worth the trip alone.

Suzuki Cafe and Roastery Exterior

Suzuki Cafe and Roastery
10 Chin Bee Avenue
Singapore 619934
Tel: 6266 3933
Mon to Fri: 9am – 5pm
Nearest station: Lakeside