Hunk Seafood Bangkok — Enjoy A Seafood Feast With A Bunch Of Handsome, Prancing Hunks


If you’re planning to visit Bangkok soon and you’d like to pay a visit to a place that has some dinner time entertainment, we have the perfect recommendation for you.

Located at the bustling Hua Mum Night Market, Hunk Seafood is a stand-alone eatery that specialises in seafood and, well, hunks.

The restaurant became a huge hit amongst both locals and tourists for their scantily dressed hunks who find joy in wriggling around in skimpy costumes while shrieking along to whatever song the restaurant is playing. The seafood here honestly isn’t the best but the entertainment sure makes up for it.

If you plan to pay this place a visit, we recommend that you take a Grab down as the place is a little inaccessible.



Once you step into the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a horde of excited men dressed in tight revealing tops and very short skirts. They change their outfits pretty often and when we paid them a visit, the apparent theme of the day was Japanese schoolgirl.

If you’re brave enough to endure their high-pitched yelps and aggressive body movements, you can even try to snap a picture with them!

In terms of food, the menu here is nothing too fancy and they have basic seafood dishes as well as seafood sets.


First up, we had a go at their Bamboo Clams (100 baht). In all honesty, the bamboo clams were not that great and a little too unfresh, sandy and fishy for our liking. To mask the taste, we recommend dunking it into one of the provided sauces before consumption.


Our favourite dish out of the lot was the Grilled River Prawns (350 baht Medium/600 baht Large). The prawns were comparatively fresher and had a lovely springy texture. We also appreciate how easily we could peel them off their shells.

The cherry on top of the cake was the generous amount of roe that came with each prawn; creamy and buttery, it definitely elevated the flavours of the prawn. The dish also came with a side of Thai green chilli sauce but the prawns were so good on their own that we felt that they could do without the sauce.


If you’re planning to come in a large group, we recommend that you get the Seafood Platter (290 baht) which comes with cockles, mussels and clams.

The Seafood Platter was a tad bit disappointing as the seafood had not been cleaned very thoroughly and you got bits of sand in almost every bite. We once again masked the taste by dunking the seafood in the provided sauces. It would definitely have tasted much better if they had been cleaned properly and it’s a complete shame because, at that price point, it really is quite value-for-money.

All in all, it was a rather interesting experience and we had no regrets. However, we hope that for any future visits, the seafood would be more properly cleaned out.

Hunk Seafood
11 Prasert-Manukitch Road
Khwaeng Lat Phrao
Khet Lat Phrao, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
Bangkok, Thailand 10230
Daily: 6pm – 12pm