Glyph Supply Co – This Minimalist Cafe At Triple One Somerset Is A Hidden Gem In Town

Glyph Supply Co

Walking down Orchard Road, there are plenty of famous malls that line the streets but one of the lesser-known ones is TripleOne Somerset even though it’s right outside the MRT Station. Recently renovated, this mall now has several attractive food options – from lunch to coffee and pastries.

One cafe, in particular, could be your new favourite cafe in town – Glyph Supply Co. It’s a minimalist’s dream, decked in white walls and simple decor. They serve up some delicious coffee and pastries so you could spend your entire morning sipping away watching as bustling crowds pass by the roads of Orchard Road.

Hot White glyph supply co

We first ordered a Hot White (S$5.50) from their selection of coffee. We thought that the coffee was very smooth and did not have any unpleasant bitterness that lingered on our tastebuds. It was slightly acidic, though.

Matcha Latte glyph supply co

We also had the iced Matcha Latte (S$7). They hand-whisk ceremonial grade matcha powder in the latte resulting in a smooth matcha flavour with grassy yet floral tasting notes.

Lemon Drizzle Loaf glyph supply co

To go along with our drinks, we chose to have Glyph Supply Co’s Lemon Drizzle Loaf (S$5). Though it was rather petite in size, it packed a big punch of flavour. This is the kind of cake that will instantly lift your spirits, perfuming your tastebuds with the vibrant flavour of lemon. Sweet, tangy and addictive – hallmarks of a wonderful lemon cake.

glyph supply co interior

This minimalist cafe is definitely a gem tucked away in the heart of Orchard road. Give them a try when you’re in town – their friendly staff will be more than happy to cater to your coffee cravings!

Glyph Supply Co
111 Somerset Road, #01-06
Singapore 238164
Mon to Fri: 8.30am – 7.30pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 7.30pm
Nearest Station: Somerset