6 Tips On How To Create The Perfect Travel Itinerary Like A Boss


People seek different things when they travel, depending mostly on personality and the current situation that they are in. Some travel because they want to learn more about the culture and history of places they have not been to, others may want to go on an impromptu trip just to unwind from the pressures of work or school.

Whatever reasons they may be, it is important to be sufficiently prepared for your trips because no one wants to be stuck in a foreign land with no accommodation for the night or waste precious time researching on places to go only when you are there.

Therefore, it is important to find the right balance between a strict itinerary and going directly without a plan. No clue on how you should do that? Our guide on how to create the perfect travel itinerary will help you get started.



No two travelers want the exact same experience so it is important to do some research on what you would find interesting at your travel destination. Are you someone who is into arts, culture and tradition? Or perhaps you prefer the exhilarating city life and happening night scenes?

Asking yourself these simple questions will give you a clearer direction of what you want. Social media platforms are the best when you are looking for up-to-date events and activities. If you need more information for touristy places, the country’s official tourism website and printed guide books are usually more detailed. 

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Important documents such as travel tickets, passport, accommodation bookings and restaurant reservations should be placed neatly together and stored in your bag.

It helps to keep them organised as you wouldn’t want to end up digging frantically for them when you are there.



Even for those who enjoy going with the flow when it comes to traveling, it is still crucial to have the necessary information such as your flight numbers, maps and exchange rates of the countries you will be going to.

Something else to know beforehand are the cultural etiquettes of the country you are visiting. Dress modestly at places that hold deep religious beliefs, learn a few basic words in their local language and find out if tipping is expected in certain countries.

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Unfortunately, not all of us own a limitless credit card so we have to be aware of our expenditure. Figure out a rough estimation for places that are on your must-visit list and set aside a sum of money for it. You should also know your priorities—are you more willing to spend on accommodation, food or activities?

Those who are on a tight budget can check out on discounts that are usually given to students or on certain periods of the year.

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Frequent travelers will know that the perfect itinerary is not one which is filled with places you MUST see but rather, to have a few ideas on places that interest them and be open to opportunities that open up there. You may just stumble into a few hidden gems along the way!

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Expect to bump into some challenges along the way because life ain’t perfect like that. There will be unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather conditions that will prevent you from commuting or the restaurant forgot to book your reservation.

Remember, having the expectation that things will definitely go your way will only lead to disappointment and frustration.