Takashimaya Food Fiesta – Asian Street Food Galore From 30 May To 16 June 2019!

 Takashimaya Food Fiesta

If you need another reason to hit up Orchard Road this weekend, here’s one to finally tip the balance: Takashimaya Food Fiesta is back!

Presenting you with an incredible line-up of delicious Asian street food, you will get to choose from cuisines around the Asian region including Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, as well as local delights! Prepare to feast as this festival has over 50 stalls for you to fill your tummies.

From 30 May to 16 June 2019, Takashimaya Food Fiesta will be taking place at Basement 2 of Takashimaya Square. Not sure what to indulge in? We were lucky enough to try a myriad of food here, so here is what to expect.

Xing Fu Tang Brown Sugar Boba Milk


Bubble Tea enthusiasts, rejoice! The food fiesta has not one, two or three bubble tea stalls, but four!

Amongst them is a preview stall of Xing Fu Tang, which hails from the streets of Taiwan. We can say that, without a doubt, Singapore has just gained another worthy competitor for the title of best Brown Sugar Boba Milk.

The pearls are stir-fried in a wok before you to ensure freshness. Also unique to the brand is the shape of the pearls; they’re more like rounded discs rather than circular in shape.

Importing their sugar from Taiwan, Xing Fu Tang’s Brown Sugar Boba Milk is easily one of the best in Singapore. If there is only one thing you have to try at this festival, this is it.



Light and flaky, the Original Kazo Polo is a must-try for all pastry lovers. We also had the Kazu Kazu with both of the fillings in Hokkaido Cream and Chocolate Cream; these make lovely sweet treats and we love how flaky and crispy the pastry is.

Durian Lovers will definitely enjoy the Durian Cream Puff. The filling is so sweet, velvety and smooth that even non-durian fans will be able to enjoy and appreciate this dessert.

BBQ Chef Rosti and Cheese Sticks


Creating their own unique rendition on a classic Swiss Rosti by fusing beloved Southeast Asian flavours, BBQ Chef offers an addictive selection of rosti that make for something different at the food fare.

Taking the cult-favourite salted egg flavour and combining it with crispy golden-brown potatoes, the Salted Egg Rosti with Chicken Bratwurst is a must-try! Although the rosti was a tad greasy, it was not too overwhelming on the palate.

Stick to a recognised favourite with the Classic Rosti with Smoked Salmon. Complemented by the addition of sour cream, this left us craving for more.

Cheese Stick with Special Sauce has 5 sticks per serving; cheese lovers will get a kick out of the drool-worthy cheese pull and the delicious crunchy batter the sticks are coated in.

Bao Makers Blackened Chicken and Chilli Crab


We love mantou, whether dipped in a luscious helping of Chilli Crab sauce or not, and Bao Maker’s contemporary take on the Asian bun is something different to love.

Immediately drawing our attention was the Blackened Chicken Bao, which arrived with a piece of chicken that was actually black. Don’t let that deter you though, the bun was garlicky and well-paired with the soft bun.

A match made in heaven, the Chilli Crab Bao was no surprise with the crispy exterior of the deep-fried mantou paired with everyone’s favourite crab meat coated in rich chilli sauce.

Xi Pin Xian Lunchbox


It is Xi Pin Xian’s first time in Singapore, and they feature incredibly tasty lunchboxes that will instantly transport you to the busy streets of Taiwan. Their lunchboxes are loaded with fragrant rice, bamboo shoots, mixed vegetables and your choice of meat.

Xi Pin Xian Minced Meat Lunchbox

We got the Braised Minced Meat with Pork Belly and the Braised Pork Trotters. The meat was really well-seasoned and had been steeped for a long time. Our favourite of them all was the Pork Belly; it was insanely good with how melt-in-your-mouth the fat was.

The Kimchi Pot


Featuring a colourful plethora of lunchboxes, The Kimchi Pot is a true Asian favourite.

We had the Bulgogi Lunchbox; it was well-rounded and wholesome with well-seasoned slices of beef along with side dishes of japchae and kimchi, as well as fluffy brown rice!

We couldn’t resist the Egg Rolls too—cooked with seaweed, spring onions and carrots, this is a dish that the little ones would surely love!

Bonchon Rice Burger


Bonchon is a favourite amongst locals for their mouth-watering Korean Fried Chicken. At the food fiesta, they also offer Rice Burgers.

The Luncheon Meat with Egg Rice Burger could be an exciting alternative for breakfast, the creamy mayonnaise in the rice burger complemented the luncheon meat and egg nicely.

Also, try the Truffle Mushroom Rice Burger, it held the alluring smoky aroma of truffle and proved to be a unique rendition of rice burgers.



If you love Japanese Street Food, head on over to Hiroshimayaki, which is located in the corner close to the water fountain.

Presenting a selection of Dango, Japanese Rolled Omelette and Yakisoba, this stall is as authentic as it gets; it is run by friendly Japanese staff who cook the Rolled Omelette right before your own eyes!

The Rolled Omelette we tried was topped with mentaiko sauce, and biting into it was unbelievably satisfying with creamy sauce flavouring the fresh and distinct layers of egg wrapped around one another.

We also had the takoyaki skewer. Delightfully crisp and generously covered with a sweet and savoury sauce, the takoyaki batter itself was light yet fragrant, and encased in every ball is a chunk of fresh octopus.

Muruamami Mochi Pancakes


Selling addictively squishy and chewy mochi pancakes, expect unique flavours that are oh-so-creamy and rich at Muruamami.

Try the Hokkaido Melon and the seasonal Mao Shan Wang Durian flavours, both of which tasted accurately true to the fruit sans the artificial flavouring. If you want something heavier, go for the Purple Sweet Potato which is filled with a rich puree of the vegetable.

Sawadee Thai


Thai street food is always a hit, and Sawadee Thai proves this with their diverse selection of dishes.

The Crispy Chicken Wings is a crispy rendition that is subtly packed with a little spice for a robust aftertaste. The Grilled Pork Collar features thickly-cut pieces of meat served with a special sauce; so aromatic and flavourful, you’d want seconds for sure.

Also, try their Glutinous Ball in Coconut which is served with generous portions of sweet rice balls and fresh coconut flesh!

Doctor C Mala Mala


Sourcing pure white Snow Corn all the way from Cameron Highlands, the passionate stall owner of Doctor C Mala Mala informed us of how each and every piece of Snow Corn is pleasantly sweet and tasty despite only being steamed and prepared as it is—no frills, no fuss.

The Roasted Sweet Potato here left a lingering earthy scent of roasted goodness throughout the festival. Wonderfully roasted and perfectly gooey inside, the sweet potato was caramelised and amazingly sweet on its own.

Cookies For You By Scoopz Ice Cream


To end off our feast on a delightfully sweet note, of course, we had to get ice cream! Scoopz handcrafts all of their uniquely-flavoured ice cream, and the stall at the Takashimaya Food Fiesta is no different.

We selected the soft pink coloured grape ice cream that’s exclusive to the fair, and also paired Avocado and Chocolate Ice Cream together.

Takashimaya Food Fiesta
391A Orchard Rd
Takashimaya Square, B2
Singapore 238873
Daily: 10am – 9.30pm
Nearest Station: Orchard/Somerset
Open from 30 May to 16 June 2019

This post was brought to you by Takashimaya.