3 Alcohol Delivery Companies In Singapore That Do Deliveries Past Midnight

10. Drinks at Chunky Crabs

It’s midnight. You need your booze but you are already in your PJ’s and you are lazy to head out. Even if you do, your choices are limited.

We feel you and we can understand how vexing it is. Buying alcohol past midnight used to be a breeze until the new Liquor Control Act was formed in 2015.

But it’s ok, y’all. We’ve got your backs. Today, we share with you three alcohol delivery companies that do deliveries past midnight. You are very welcome!

ALCOHOL DELIVERYPhoto Credit: Alcohol Delivery 


Alcohol Delivery prides themselves in providing an extensive range of alcohol for all your partying needs. They do deliveries daily, including on public holidays and weekends, so you can count on them on being a reliable source of alcohol. If you’re keen on getting the alcohol as a gift for someone, they also have gift wrapping services.

Delivery is at a flat rate of S$10 with no minimum spending amount, but if you purchase S$100 worth of alcohol, delivery is free.

Delivery timings: 12pm – 3am
Tel: +65 9244 5533

Website: www.alcoholdelivery.com.sg

PRIME LIQUORPhoto Credit: Prime Liquor Singapore 


Prime Liquor takes their alcohol delivery seriously and they aim to get your alcohol to you in under 45 minutes, which makes them a great option for urgent alcohol deliveries. Alcoholics would be glad to know that they have a wide range of drinks available which include beers, spirits, wines and mixers.

There is also no minimum order amount, but if you order more than S$100 worth of alcohol, your delivery will be free! Deliveries before 2am cost a flat rate of S$10 while deliveries after 2am cost a flat rate of S$15.

Delivery timings: 24-hours
Tel: +65 8133 3943
Website: www.primeliquor.sg/

Ring to DrinkPhoto Credit: Ring to Drink 


If you’re planning to have a hardcore party and you need drinks around the clock, Ring to Drink will be your saving grace. They do 24-hour free deliveries with no minimum spending and they also promise to deliver your booze to you within an hour. What’s even better is that they provide a free 2.5kg pack of ice with any purchase so that your drinks can be consumed immediately once they’re delivered to you.

Delivery timings: 24-hours
Tel: +65 8251 2222